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Report: Tim Cook and Jeff Williams bet on AR/VR headset launch this year despite designer's warning

(Image Credit Google)
Tim Cook (Image credit : Apple) Many indications are that Apple will introduce its mixed reality headgear, which enables both augmented reality and virtual reality, this year, most likely at WWDC in June. Yet, the Financial Times this weekend indicates that there has been disagreement within the corporation regarding the choice to ship now. According to the story, Jeff Williams' operations staff intended to ship a technologically superior headset as quickly as possible, even though it would be large and expensive. The design team disagreed, asking to hold off until a lightweight pair of AR glasses could be produced. Cook supported the actions. Although the concept of tiny, lightweight AR glasses is intriguing, it is currently and likely will remain technologically impracticable for some time. Timing selection is crucial. Cook and Williams realize the status of the industry and think it makes sense to enter the race right away, even if the first-generation headset will be pricey and have little consumer appeal, according to the report. The goal is to continuously iterate and advance. Due to the cutting-edge technology featured, such as dual 4K OLED panels and sophisticated eye- and hand-tracking sensors, the first-generation headgear is thought to be pricey (priced at over $3000). Also, it is thought that the device is rather large and has a limited battery life, lasting just around 2 hours per session. In the first year, the business anticipates selling around a million devices.

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