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Republicans target Biden with a fully AI-generated ad

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Image credit : NBC News It's not shocking at all that the Republican National Committee (RNC) was prepared with attack commercials the moment President Joe Biden declared his intention to run for office again. This time around, something new is that the RNC's hypothetical scenario in which Biden wins the presidency again in 2024 is depicted in a video using artificial intelligence-generated images. According to the RNC, this was the first time it had ever used an AI-only film. The first image in the commercial shows Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris during an election celebration. Although there is a flimsy disclaimer in the top-left corner stating that the advertisement was "built entirely with AI imagery," it is clear from the smiling, AI-generated individuals' excessively large teeth that it is not a real shot of Biden and Harris. The RNC indicates that if the Biden-Harris ticket wins again, a number of domestic and international incidents will be depicted in the advertisement. "This morning, an emboldened China invades Taiwan," a fake news announcer says, for instance. The ad goes on to stoke fears of a financial crisis prompted by the closures of hundreds of regional banks, as well as border agents being overrun by asylum seekers and the military taking over San Francisco due to "escalating crime and the fentanyl crisis." Also read : Meta to Use AI to Revolutionize Ad Creation This particular ad stays quite close to the talking points that one could anticipate Republicans to address in an attack ad. However, the film serves as a frightening warning of what we could expect to see more of in political campaigns in the months and years to come. It's not hard to envision AI-generated pictures used in attack advertisements to represent blatant lies.

By Awanish Kumar

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