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"Resident Evil 4" Remake Review: Does It Live Up to the Hype?

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source: EarlyGame Capcom's Resident Evil 4 remake shows potential with updated mechanics and visuals, but ultimately falls short due to clumsy controls and inconsistent gameplay. The game starts strong with its updated aiming mechanics and improved visuals, but as the game progresses, the overabundance of enemies, cramped environments, and scarce ammunition make it difficult to enjoy. The sluggish animations and frustrating combat sequences make it feel like Leon Kennedy is constantly underpowered, unable to dodge or shoot effectively. The game's focus on upgrading enemies and environments leaves Leon feeling outdated in comparison. One new feature in the game is the ability to parry attacks with a knife. However, it is only available if Leon has a knife equipped, and it is easily interrupted by environmental factors or other enemies. The movement is also sluggish, making it difficult for Leon to dodge incoming attacks. One boss fight in particular, against the mutant priest Mendez, highlights the frustrations of the game. The cramped environment and quick-moving objects that Mendez throws make it difficult to fight effectively, and the sluggish animations of Leon only add to the difficulty. source: AS USA To make matters worse, the game prompts players to switch to the lowest difficulty setting during loading screens and death menus. Once switched, the game remains on that difficulty level permanently, even after a player completes the game. This feature is baffling, especially since it disrupts in-game achievements and trophies. While dynamic difficulty settings are common in other action games, the decision to prioritize trophy integrity over accessibility seems misguided. Overall, the Resident Evil 4 remake has potential, but its clumsy controls and inconsistent gameplay hold it back. The game's focus on upgrading enemies and environments while neglecting the movement and combat mechanics of the protagonist feels like a missed opportunity. With some tweaks to the controls and gameplay mechanics, the game could have been a successful update to a classic title.

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