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Review of the DJI Mini 3: Improved Aerial Photography

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Due in large part to the expansion of FAA rules, drones have suffered greatly recently. Fortunately, DJI has a series of appropriately named Mini drones that weigh less than the legal limit of 250G. With a bigger sensor, better image quality, and more functions than its predecessors, the company's Mini 3 is the most recent model in the line. But is it really worth the $400+ price tag? The Mini range has long been praised as the ideal entry-level drone for people interested in trying them out for the first time. But considering the aforementioned laws, it's difficult to advise beginners to get into drones without at least passing the TRUST test and being familiar with the finest drone operation techniques. Although the Mini 3 has a sizable instructional, it does not fully explain drone flight or the required safety measures. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]DJI Mini 3 Review: A spendy, sophisticated entry level drone: Digital Photography  Review Image credit- Digital Photography Review[/caption] Those who don't know the local FAA regulations, the weather, and basic rules like not flying over people or cars may purchase a DJI Mini 3 believing they can dive right into the hobby, but it takes some getting accustomed to. Sure, investing in the Mini 3 platform is a means to get around FAA restrictions, but you should be extremely cautious before purchasing the item. Also read: Elon Musk claims that SpaceX is now planning to launch the Starship in late April The DJI Mini 3, which was released in December 2022, has significant improvements over the Mini 2 but nothing in contrast to the Mini 3 Pro, which was just released. The Mini 3, which weighs 249 grams, doesn't do well in severe winds and gusts but is remarkably resilient considering its diminutive size. I had the opportunity to test it in a variety of settings and locations, including Vermont, New Jersey, and New York.  

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