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Review of TheraFace Pro 2023: Price, features, and MORE!

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Review of TheraFace Pro 2023:  Price, features, and MORE!-GadgetAny
TheraFace Pro

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TheraFace Pro is a face massager tool gaining popularity nowadays as more TikTokers upload videos about it on the massive video site. 

It is developed by Therabody Inc., a leading global provider of wellness solutions established in 2008. Therabody first unveiled the TheraFace Pro in 2022. Consumers are becoming more and more interested in it, despite the fact that it is not completely new.

Review of TheraFace Pro 2023

According to a recent report, the TheraFace Pro works like other percussive skincare devices.

However, this one is intended to be applied to people’s faces. It includes four magnetic attachments that can be swapped freely.

Theraface Pro Theragun For Face Tool Review 2022
Image credit- Refinery29

These consist of a percussive head, a cleansing ring, an LED light treatment attachment, and a microcurrent roller. Also, the LED light head and percussion massager component can be used together.

The TheraFace Pro’s three LED light head settings—blue, red, and infrared—are among its best features.

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The TheraFace Pro can perform the following tasks with all of these features:

  • TheraFace Pro can reduce headaches.
  •  TheraFace Pro can relax your face, most importantly while traveling.
  •  TheraFace Pro can minimize acne and wrinkles.

As of writing, Therabody is selling the TheraFace Pro for $399, as per reports. You can click this link to learn more details.

TheraFace Pro 2023: Is the Face Theragun Worth Buying? Features, Price, MORE!  | Tech Times
Image credit- Tech Times

What You Should Know Before Using A Theragun

Before using TheraFace Pro, especially while intended for the face, you need to be aware of a lot of things:

Asking your doctor before using a TheraFace Pro is vital because its primary use is to deliver vibration therapy. Also, these massagers have a lot of advantages, like they can lower muscular tension, pain treatment, lessen soreness, etc.  

However, Petersen Physical Therapy described that TheraFace Pro can also be risky to use as it can harm users in the following manner:

  • People might misuse their guns, which is a possibility. Muscles and other body components may become injured as a result of this.
  • Theraguns have the potential to make injuries and other recurring conditions worse, particularly if their vibrations are very intense.
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