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Revolutionizing Cleaning: A Closer Look at the Narwal Freo

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Source: Narwal Robotics In today's fast-paced world, a two-income household often means less time for maintaining a clean home. People are turning to technology for solutions that can keep their households clean and tidy. Fortunately, with the advancements and innovations in cleaning technology, products like the Narwal Freo can take the headache out of maintaining a clean home. This cutting-edge robot not only vacuums and mops your floors but cleans itself too, making it the ultimate smart cleaning solution for your home.

A Mind-Free Mopping Experience with Narwal Freo

The Narwal Freo's innovative feature is its end-to-end mopping service for your floors. The robot's included Narwal app even shows rooms that require a more thorough cleaning in darker shades. The unit has two high-speed rotating microfiber mop pads that adapt to the surface type and scrub anything from paw prints to wine spills. It applies up to 12N of pressure depending on the mess and flooring type. The "DirtSense" feature detects how dirty your floors are and adjusts its frequency of cleaning, humidity, and cleanser. The Smart-Swing wiggle action and patented Corner Trap technology ensure that the robot adapts to blind spots and corners, performing a 45-degree rotation of itself three times to ensure that no surface is left untouched. Source: 9to5Mac

From Hardwood to Soft Carpet

The Narwal Freo can handle different textures and cleaning requirements. Whether you choose to program it to avoid carpeted areas or clean them simultaneously is up to you and your needs. The mop pads lift up when the robot comes in contact with carpeted areas, and it vacuums with its rubber and nylon brush head and solid suction. This built-in intuition means the robot can be left to its work with less micromanagement from you. Also Read: Facebook's Messenger Update: Enhanced User Experience

A Robot with Its Own Personal Hygiene Standards

The Narwal Freo keeps its own mop pads clean with its innovative cleaning system in between cleaning your surfaces. The pads are kept fresh and dry between sessions, and the patented cleaning solution used to keep your floors sparkling is also used in the required dose to clean the mop pads when the Freo is housed in its sleek and attractive base.

Fits in with Your Family

Despite its boasts of powerful cleaning capabilities, the Narwal Freo is unassuming in appearance and sound. In a bustling household, the Narwal Freo goes about its business surprisingly quietly, not likely to disturb your pets or overload your senses over the sound of children messing up your home. The handy LCD display on the base unit features a child lock to keep the Freo from being misguided by tiny prying hands. The base unit itself is of the exquisite minimalistic design we’ve come to expect from Narwal products and should fit into most decor with ease. Source: Business wire

A Customizable Cleaning Experience

While the LCD display on the unit is a handy detail that means you're not always fumbling for your smartphone, you'll still want to check in with the app for its more detailed features. You can adjust the level of suction, waterflow, and set your preferred schedule for it to get to work. Your level of involvement is up to you. The Narwal Freo is largely self-sufficient, needing your input only to occasionally empty and refill the water tanks and a large capacity dustbin. With the Narwal Freo, cleaning your floors is less of a chore. From its looks to its impressive functionality, it is clear that this smart cleaning solution will make cleaning floors a breeze. With daily use, you can enjoy freshly mopped floors without the arduous work that normally entails. 

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