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'RHOA' star Brielle Biermann soars up the temperature in bright pink bikini at Palm Beach

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Bout's mother congratulated Sergey Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister, for making sure her son returned home, while his wife referred to his return as a genuine "New Year's present." According to his wife Alla, who was quoted by the news agency AFP, Bout intends to debut an exhibition of his paintings in Saint Petersburg, the second-largest city in Russia, in April.
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Biermann’s photos were cutely captioned, “swerve, surfing all in this good, good,” along with a surfer emoji as well. The photo was quick to garner a lot of responses- Biermann has quite the following on her Instagram, with more than a million people. Her mother Kim Zoliak, 44 had commented on the picture sweetly and said, “You get it from your mama,” along with a winking emoji. These images undoubtedly demonstrate Biermann's self-assurance over her appearance. She has also been outspoken about the cosmetic surgery she chose to improve her appearance. She discussed her belief in letting people practice whatever techniques they desire without passing judgment on anyone. Brielle Biermann “Not everybody’s born with that beautiful natural pout, those beautiful perky boobs,” she said to PEOPLE. “If we can enhance ourselves, we should uplift women and tell them it’s okay to enhance yourself. There’s definitely a line between going overboard like I was at one point or just enhancing yourself here and there. If somebody wants under-eye filler to brighten their under eyes, we shouldn’t sit here and judge them.” She then added, “Everybody was loving my [new] lips. It’s like people are so against any enhancements and are so judgmental. It made me feel bad. I feel bad for people out there who need the enhancements, who want the enhancements, but they’re scared to get judged or to go through kind of what I’ve gone through.”

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