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Risque! These celebrities worked in X-rated content before they shot to fame

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Risque! These celebrities worked in X-rated content before they shot to fame-GadgetAny
Kim Kardashian, Cameron Diaz, JON HAMM

Some of the celebs you love got their start by removing it. You read that correctly; Before their careers propelled them to notoriety, celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Jon Hamm, Cameron Diaz, and Channing Tatum were involved in obscene content.

The artist Ray J and the star of Keeping Up With the Kardashians created a sex tape for their own amusement while they were dating. When that footage was released in 2007 (without Kardashian’s permission), she tried to sue but ultimately settled for $5 million. Then, Kardashian converted the slightly unfavorable news into a goldmine and launched her career to new heights.

Kim Kardashian
Image: Vogue

It came down to the actress from There’s Something About Mary doing what was best for her career at the moment. Diaz had a softcore adult film appearance at the age of 19. She attempted to have the movie shelved three years later, when she finally received her big break with The Mask in 1994.

John Rutter, the photographer who took the footage, allegedly offered to sell her the images and video for $3.5 million before trying to market it to potential customers. Then Diaz sued him, alleging that he had blackmailed her. In 2005, he received a three-year prison term.

You are surely familiar with the infamous heartthrob and Mad Men actor Hamm from his prestigious performance as Don Draper. Hamm, however, worked as a set dresser for pornographic movies long before donning the suit and acting the part of an advertising executive in the 2007 series. The Bridesmaids actor accepted the role in the beginning of his acting career, but he insists that he never truly got naked on camera.

Tatum, the star of Magic Mike, is a prime example of how life imitates art. When he was 19 years old, he worked as an exotic dancer, and the film’s dance-based comedy-meets-drama was partially inspired by his past. Tatum, however, did not have the best things to say in 2015 about his experiences stripping, referring to it as “seedy.”


Image: Shutterstock

Kim’s tale is well-known. During Kim’s time as Paris Hilton’s assistant, the young starlet and her then-boyfriend made a sex tape that went viral on the internet and instantly made her famous. The socialite allegedly did not give her permission for the footage to be released, but she made the best of the situation.

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