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Roadmap for Gigabyte Servers in the Years 2022–2025- Lists of Leaked Data Centre CPU/GPU Architectures

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(Image credit- Wccftech) In 2021, Giga Computing anticipates a massive deployment of Giga CPUs and GPUs. According to the company's predictions, the market's supply of silicon is now still far below the "full-capacity" level, therefore they anticipate a very sharp increase in demand for Giga Computing products over the next five years. The company believes that the use of CPUs and GPUs would raise demand for auxiliary technologies like Data/AI/ML, cloud services and infrastructure, and specialized industrial/enterprise services, according to the reports. Increased data center CPU/GPU power density, innovative hardware designs (monolithic high-end SOCs, such as ARM servers and others), and energy-efficient cooling technologies are Giga Computing's three primary recommendations for achieving that capacity. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1500"]Gigabyte Server Roadmap for 2022 to 2025 Show Lists of Data-Center CPU/GPU  Architectures Leaked | Tech Times Image credit- Tech Times[/caption] Over the past ten years, the data-center sector has seen tremendous change as the importance of cloud and server capacity in current applications has increased. For enterprises that require extraordinary performance, high-end servers with cutting-edge technology are particularly crucial. The stolen Giga Computing roadmap offers consumers a view into the immediate and long-term future of the data-center sector, with the leak being made public by HXL on Twitter. Companies like Intel, AMD, and NVIDIA have been working on architectures and product lines to meet these needs.

Exascale APU from AMD's MI300: Setting the Stage for Next-Gen Efficiency in Data Centres

Although the next CPU architectures from Intel and AMD are already known, the firms will nevertheless introduce cutting-edge GPU server solutions. The Giga Computing roadmap, however, suggests that AMD CDNA4 architecture may be much more potent than that and that NVIDIA's next-generation server GPUs would be capable of up to 500W. The next-generation AMD accelerator for data centers, the AMD MI300 "exascale APU," was noticeably absent from the roadmap. The company revealed it in January of this year. According to Giga Computing's plan, this processor may be able to produce 1000W. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="2560"]Gigabyte Server Image credit- Wccftech[/caption] Since the MI300 'exascale APU' will be the first chip to integrate CPU cores and GPUs on a single package, it will be more effective than before and is predicted to be a game-changer for the data center sector.

Leaked Roadmap from Giga Computing: What to Expect Over the Next Five Years

As stated in another article by The FPS Review, Giga Computing's roadmap predicts that processors might reach as high as 500-600W by 2025, and PCIe-based GPU server solutions could reach up to 1000W. In the coming years, businesses that want the newest and most potent server technology will have many possibilities. Giga Computing's leaked roadmap gives customers an indication of what to expect from the data-center sector over the next five years, albeit it is still too early to determine which designs and chips will become the industry standard. Also read: Google Pixel Plan: Leaked Roadmap Displays Significant Changes Through 2025 While new server GPUs from NVIDIA and AMD will almost surely be released in the next five years, Intel and AMD are anticipated to unveil new architectures in the next 12 to 24 months. In the end, the data-center market will keep developing with cutting-edge technology and potent designs that will aid companies in boosting their productivity and efficiency.

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