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Samsung claimed a data breach harmed U.S. customers in July.

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As per reports, Samsung Electronics Co deteriorated a cybersecurity breach in late July that exposed the confidential information of some customers in the United States, the company claimed on Friday. However, Customers' social security and credit card numbers were not affected. Still, information was compromised, including name, contact and demographic details, date of birth, and product registration data.  Samsung further revealed that "The information affected for each relevant customer may vary. We are notifying customers to make them aware of this matter." Although, it was not immediately disclosed how many customers were affected. In addition, in a brief notice, Samsung said it came across the security threat in late July and explained in the statement that an "unauthorized third party acquired information from some of Samsung's U.S. systems." However, the company's relentless customer data was negotiated on August 4. Chris Langlois, the Samsung spokesperson, stated that demographic data relates to customer information used for marketing and advertising but didn't specify what data this consists of. Chris Langlois added that registration data, provided by customers to access support and warranty information, includes product purchase date, model, and device I.D. Although, Chris Langlois deserted to reveal how many customers were influenced or why it took Samsung more than a month to inform customers about the data breach, which was rolled out just hours ahead of a U.S. holiday weekend on account of  Labor Day. Langlois added, "Even though the investigation is ongoing, we wanted to notify our customers to make them aware of this matter because we understand how important their privacy is." The company claimed that it has taken steps to secure its systems and has brought in an unnamed third-party cybersecurity firm. In addition, Samsung said it was coordinating with law enforcement. Meanwhile, this is not the first time that Samsung has committed a data breach this year. Furthermore, in March, the company admitted that the Lapsus$ hacking group,  the same group that infiltrated Nvidia, Microsoft, and T-Mobile, obtained and leaked almost 200 gigabytes of confidential data, including source code for various technologies and algorithms for biometric unlock operations.

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