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The Samsung Galaxy A Event: Everything You Should Know

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The Samsung Galaxy A Event: Everything You Should Know-GadgetAny
Samsung Galaxy A Event

Samsung will launch its latest Galaxy device, Event A on Thursday, March 17, 2022, EDT. It is called the Awesome Galaxy A Event, which is dedicated to Samsung’s A-series devices. As you can say, Samsung is ready to take the Galaxy innovations for the A series further.

samsung galaxy A series

As the rumor suggests, Samsung is expected to add two new smartphones to the lineup: the Galaxy A73 and A53. Luckily, you all can be a part of this event where the next set of Galaxy A devices will be revealed. According to the company, these new devices are designed to provide “the fully-loaded experience that people want” from their smartphones. It has also been suggested that the new models may come with 5G, an upgrade for the A72, as the Galaxy A52 already features a 5G variation. Additionally, the A73 is expected to employ a 1080MP main camera along with the Snapdragon 750G chip. Meanwhile, you can expect the A53 to sport Samsung’s in-house Exynos 1200 system on a chip.


You can catch the Galaxy A Event live on the Samsung website or the company’s YouTube channel. We will update you on where you can watch the event live, so make sure to check our site for any updates. 

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