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Samsung Internet update delivers optimizations to tablets & foldable

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Samsung Internet update delivers optimizations to tablets & foldable-GadgetAny
Galaxy Tab S7 FE

Image credit : Samsung Global Newsroom

While many people are satisfied with using Chrome on their Android devices, there are numerous alternative options available, and one of the top choices for Android users happens to be Samsung’s own web browser. The Samsung Internet browser has been around for a considerable period, undergoing continuous improvements such as the addition of new features and user interface updates over the span of ten years. Recently, Samsung introduced a new update, which can now be downloaded, aiming to enhance the browsing experience specifically for tablets and foldable devices.

The most recent update, identified as version by SamMobile, offers the ability to relocate the Tab bar, Bookmark bar, and URL bar to the bottom of the browser. This change is particularly important as it facilitates navigation for users with larger screens. Currently, the Tab, Bookmark, and URL bars have predetermined positions and cannot be freely moved to create a completely personalized experience.

Samsung Foldable
Image credit : Samsung Global Newsroom

One can hope that this customization option will be available in the future. Nevertheless, this update is likely to be appreciated by individuals utilizing devices with larger screens, particularly with the growing popularity of foldable phones. If you haven’t yet tried the Samsung Internet browser, you can easily download it from the Google Play Store. Samsung Galaxy device owners can also find it in the Galaxy Store.

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The browser is compatible with all Android devices that meet the requirements and offers features such as a built-in ad blocker, various plugins, and more. Therefore, if you’re using a smartphone or tablet, it’s worth giving it a try as you might prefer it over your current browser. Additionally, there is a browser beta version available for those who prefer to access new features in advance.

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