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Samsung patents calorie nutrition tracking automatically for upcoming Galaxy Watch wearables.

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Image credit : Tom's Guide A function that might be included in upcoming Galaxy Watch smartwatches has been disclosed by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Common smartwatches often calculate calories burnt by analyzing activity and heart rate data. According to a patent application by Samsung with the US 11,653,836 B2 number, a smartwatch will allegedly be able to calculate the number of calories ingested as well. Smartwatches currently rely on manually entered information regarding what a person has consumed that day. A spectroscope and an LED are used by Samsung to measure whether light wavelengths are absorbed, emitted, or reflected by skin, according to the patent filing. The business's model then contrasts this information with a reference it made for when a wear is hungry. [caption id="attachment_181043" align="aligncenter" width="800"]Galaxy-Watch. Image credit : Samsung[/caption] The calories consumed are then determined by an algorithm by comparing the most recent user data with its reference. Samsung additionally modifies its analysis by taking into account the wearer's medical history as well as regular activity levels for that day. If Samsung's technology proves to be effective in real-world settings, it may enable people to better control their calorie intake without having to rely on the existing, less exact techniques. As usual, patents do not guarantee that products will be successful on the market. Also read : Apple Watch Patent Granted with Built-In Camera Nevertheless, the patent shows Samsung's desire to commercialize this technology. Samsung appears to be researching sensors that can passively check blood pressure and blood alcohol levels in addition to working on automatic calorie tracking, however both of these technologies appear to be far from being mass produced.

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