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Samsung S23: Enjoy games without the worry of battery life

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Samsung recently launched its Galaxy S23 series. This model has three variants. They became famous for their extraordinary battery life and gaming features. This is one of the most desirable Android phones available on the market right now. Samsung Galaxy S23 is empowered with Snapdragon-8 gen.- 2 chips. This model can sustain heavy gaming with a good battery life tremendously. Some software enhancement is the cool reason for its popularity. The Samsung Galaxy S23 model is boosted with a Samsung Galaxy Booster utility that has a “Pause USB Power Delivery” option. The goal here is to completely bypass the phone's battery while it's connected through USB. The same features have been seen in the Asus-Rog model. The feature has a triple benefit: first, your battery won’t degrade as rapidly as it might when it is subject to rapid charge-discharge cycles caused by intensive use. Because the battery doesn't heat up when charging, your smartphone processor will have additional thermal headroom to maintain its high performance without thermal throttling. [caption id="attachment_75547" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Unsplash[/caption] The charging bypass option, on the other hand, helps you (mostly) keep your charge state. When the feature is enabled, the S23 only draws 6W of power, but 17W when charging the battery, so this feature could make a huge difference in the long run to the battery's health and service life for power users. It appears to be limited to the Galaxy S23 series so far, and it remains to be seen if Samsung is interested in and able to make the mode available on existing hardware.

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