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Samsung submitted application for trademark of Galaxy Ring and Galaxy Glasses

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Samsung is moving quickly in the wake of the recent disclosure of its patent filings for the most recent XR products that the firm will soon release, less than a month after the Galaxy Unpacked presentation. In addition, the Galaxy Ring and Galaxy Glasses are the subject of two applications that have currently been submitted to the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office). However, there was no information provided in Samsung's Unpacked announcement on the new gadgets, which were primarily focused on the Gear VR, one existing product. Additionally, two patent applications from Samsung have been discovered on the USPTO, and they focus on the important intentions the firm revealed in its most recent Unpacked event this early February. First up is the Galaxy Glasses and the second is the so-called Galaxy Ring. The former will focus on a smartphone attachment to bring the experience to the devices, as well as an augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) experience for the general audience. And the Galaxy Ring, on the other hand, is said to be "intended to cover the categories of wearable smart devices in the nature of a smart ring for tracking, measuring, monitoring, and uploading health, fitness, and sleep-related information; smart rings; smartphones," according to the company. Furthermore, the most recent trademark filings are focused on growing Samsung's wearables and XR experience, and the initial strategy announced during the Unpacked event is already producing fruit and taking shape in the market. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1717"]Two patent applications from Samsung have been discovered on the USPTO for Galaxy Ring and Galaxy Glasses Image credit: NotebookCheck[/caption]

What's more

The mixed reality glasses, which will combine the real world and digital platforms in one device, will be the focus of one component of Samsung's XR experience. In addition, the next step in its tailored experience is its fitness wristband, which will assist users in tracking their health and activities, including sleep. On another note, the well-known South Korean corporation offers a variety of wearables in addition to the devices that are currently on their list of products that are available for purchase. The Galaxy Watch series offers consumers the Samsung experience by providing health, fitness, and lifestyle functions as an add-on to their smartphone devices. And the Galaxy Buds line, another wearable from the business, is also focused on a smartphone companion that offers a wireless audio experience for its user. Moreover, who could possibly forget Samsung's version of virtual reality technology, the Gear VR series, powered by Oculus, which is no longer sold in the US market? Therefore, with so many wearables now on the market from Samsung, it is only right that they use their "XR" ambitions to extend to what the market and trends are, which is the new digital reality experience for everyone. And this patent indicates tremendous promise for its impending ambitions for new AR/VR glasses as well as wearable health technology. Lastly, it collaborated with Google and Qualcomm for its deliverables.

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