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Samsung to introduce Generative AI to Bixby and Tizen to all home device

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Image credit : Sonoff Samsung has been idle in the AI-powered voice assistant race so far. Its own virtual assistant Bixby hasn’t been up to the mark as compared to Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri. The South Korean tech giant has announced that it will introduce advanced Generative AI to Bixby and integrate it in all its home devices next year.  “We are preparing to apply generative AI technologies to our home appliances," Yoo Mi-young, head of the software development team of Samsung’s digital appliances division, said at a media briefing. “Generative AI technologies will be applied to voice, vision and display," she said, so that household electronic products have a better understanding of what consumers do and want and can respond accordingly, reports Yonhap news agency. [caption id="attachment_192691" align="aligncenter" width="705"]Samsung household appliances Image credit : US Times Now[/caption] She further added, innovative technology will enable home gadgets to communicate with users in a more intuitive, conversational manner, and to better respond to users’ query based on previous conversations and contexts. The new technology will enable the appliances to track the kind of food being prepared in the oven, or food ingredients kept in the refrigerator. Also, it will deliver customized recipes and  dietary recommendations.. Samsung is also working on a chipset to minimize energy consumption, as home appliances get more intelligent and process a great deal of data. “We are developing a chipset that helps home appliances with generative AI consume less than 0.1 watt for every 24 hours they run," Yoo said, adding that Samsung is looking to utilize the chipset next year. Also read : SwitchBot S10: Meet World's First Robot With Auto-draining Feature In terms of AI technology development, Samsung strictly keeps three core tenets in mind — fairness, transparency and accountability, she said.
Samsung launched its smart home initiative in 2014 with the acquisition of SmartThings, a company based in Washington that specializes in open-platform solutions for the Internet of Things.

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