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Say ‘NO’ to Snoring: Snore Circle is there to rescue!

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Say ‘NO’ to Snoring: Snore Circle is there to rescue!-GadgetAny

Snoring is a common issue affecting most people’s lives as the noisy breathing sound during sleep makes it difficult to sleep for you and your partner. However, snoring occurs when air flows through the narrow relaxed tissue of your throat, causing the tissues to vibrate when you breathe. 

Moreover, Snoring can affect the life of a snorer’s partners as they may feel tired, irritated, and lack sleep; also, one may experience strained relationship due to the snorer’s noisy breathing sound. Now you can stop snoring or prevent noisy breathing problem using a tech gadget called Snore Circle that allows you and your partner to sleep deeply and stay energetic the next day by controlling the harsh sound of snoring.

snore circle

Snore Circle is attached to the chin and it stimulates the nerves under the chin using EMA plus TENS technology for instant relief. It is equipped with a high accuracy sensor to track snoring. Further, its patented intelligent algorithm swing into action to emit a tiny, innocuous electric current to stimulate the muscle under the chin by by tightening them. The process will relax the muscles around the throat and open up an airway to make you stop snoring and sleep quickly.

Additionally, the Snore Circle uses the conductive stripes, a superior grade patch with high viscosity that attaches to your chin. Also, pairing the device with the Snore Circle app can give more significant insights into your sleep.

Snore Circle

By connecting the device with the Snore Circle app, you can monitor your sleep activities, like snoring frequency. Also, you can determine the intensity of your snoring, and many more. Also, it provides up to 30 intensity levels for different levels of snoring.  

How does it work?

snore circle

Snore Circle is very convenient to use and it delivers a painless experience. Before wearing the device, you must be careful that your chin area is clean and dry. Then, to apply the conductive patch, you need to align the stripes with your throat, which prevents it from falling off. After that, you can connect the device with the accompanying app on your smartphone to track your sleeping activities and analyze the report the next day.

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