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Second-Generation Apple Homepod Model to Launch Soon With Lower Price

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Second-Generation Apple Homepod Model to Launch Soon With Lower Price-GadgetAny
Apple HomePod

There will soon be a second-generation HomePod, according to rumors. A normally knowledgeable source claims that the resurrected HomePod will have hardware enhancements and a lower starting price.

Apple currently only sells one smart speaker; the previous model was retired by the business in 2021. The HomePod mini, which was updated with additional color options in October of the same year, now occupies its spot. With only one driver as opposed to eight in the normal HomePod, it might be argued that the HomePod tiny is not a replacement for it.

Apple HomePod mini
Photo Credit: iPhone In Canada

Mark Gurman claims that Apple will ‘pretty soon’ release the new HomePod. Unfortunately, no launch date information has been given by the Apple analyst. According to previous product launches, Apple might unveil a second-generation HomePod in March or during the summer’s WWDC 2023. But we wouldn’t rule out another press release announcement, similar to how the new Mac mini, MacBook Pro 14, and MacBook Pro 16 were introduced today. Gurman claims that the second-generation HomePod will nonetheless look similar to the first, although with a few internal changes.

The Apple S8 chipset, which is already present in the Apple Watch Series 8, is reportedly the foundation for the smart speaker. Even though the Apple S8 only delivers minor upgrades over the Apple S6, it should be a substantial upgrade over the Apple A8 powering the original HomePod.

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Apple HomePod
Image: Korie Cull

A better touch-sensitive top panel is also rumored to be a feature of the upcoming HomePod, though there are currently no specifications available. A glaring weakness with the first HomePod appears to be that the second-generation HomePod will also be less expensive than its predecessor.

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