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Security guard at resort sexually harasses tourist after intruding her room at night

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Security guard at resort sexually harasses tourist after intruding her room at night-GadgetAny
Resort Spain

After sexually assaulting a visitor while she was on holiday in Majorca in Spain, a hotel employee was detained. Authorities discovered the woman, who was pleading for assistance in her room after the perpetrator tried to rape her, after being informed by a hotel visitor.

The 56-year-old security officer at the Playa de Palma hotel was recognized as the man. After the alleged attack, he was detained.

According to Ultima Hora, the woman returned to her hotel in the early hours of October 13 when the suspect broke into her room. A visitor who was staying in the room next door told the police that she could see the woman from the balcony.

The traveler was apparently laying in bed with the security guard on top of her, pleading for assistance.

The man is thought to have left the room once he realized the hotel guest had observed him. The Swedish woman victim rushed to hotel’s front desk and informed the staff of what had happened. The 56-year-old was taken into custody by the police after the hotel personnel called them.

The suspect, who is Spanish-born, initially denied entering the woman’s room and said she was disturbed and screaming. He said that he couldn’t make out what the woman was saying. Then he admitted that he had only entered the bedroom to try to calm her down.

Another incident of this kind occurred in Majorca in June 2022 when a female tourist was repeatedly assaulted by two German youths while she slept in her room at the Cala Rajada hotel. The woman claimed during her police testimony that one of the youths had sexually abused her while the other had committed rape. She allegedly stated that she was unable to defend herself during the assault because she went into shock and became motionless. According to The Sun, after she filed the complaint, the two German guys were detained.

Another sexual attack occurred in August 2022 in Greece in a tavern in the Paleros area, this time involving a British tourist. The victim reportedly claimed that the man forcibly coerced himself upon her. In the western municipality of Akti-Vonitsa, police detained the suspect, a 26-year-old guy. In a legal action, rape charges were brought against him.

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