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Seth Rogen claimed 'Superbad' is the "favorite movie" of his 'The Fabelmans' co-star Gabriel LaBelle and his friends

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Seth Rogen still considers Superbad to be the king of teen comedies. In a recent interview with PEOPLE about an Airbnb collaboration inspired by his cannabis-themed home goods company Houseplant, Rogen claimed that his The Fabelmans co-star Gabriel LaBelle and LaBelle's friends consider the 2007 comedy to be their "favorite movie." Additionally, the Golden Globe nominee, 40, remarked, "What's crazy is that Gabe LaBelle is like 19 years old and his and his friends' favorite movie is Superbad." He joked, "So it never changed for some reason. No one's made a good high school movie since then." Furthermore, Superbad follows the narrative of two best friends, Seth (Jonah Hill, now 39) and Evan (Michael Cera, now 34), who are inseparable. (The movie was the big-screen debut for both actors.) In addition, as they get ready to graduate, they are invited to one last house party where they try to lose their virginity before going off to college with their friend Fogell (Christopher Mintz-Plasse). However, their mission is complicated when the group encounters two incompetent cops, played by Rogen and Bill Hader. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1971"]Seth Rogen played an incompetent cop in Superbad (2007) Image credit: IMDb[/caption] On another note, the cast and crew discussed the production of Superbad in a Vanity Fair oral history for the bawdy teen comedy's 15th anniversary last year. Also read: Austin Butler said he was “getting rid” Elvis Presley accent as it “probably damaged my vocal cords”

What's more

The Houseplant offices, which Seth Rogen provided a tour of to archdigest.com in April last year, served as the inspiration for his Airbnb. The mid-century sanctuary is filled with ceramic items made by Rogen and is perched in the hills of Los Angeles with breathtaking views of the city. Moreover, Rogen will visit to share some pottery tips and chill out to Houseplant's strain-specific LPs even though cannabis is not provided with the experience and smoking is not permitted inside the house. Additionally, Airbnb will provide a one-time donation to Hilarity for Charity, the Alzheimer's charity that Rogen, his wife Lauren Miller Rogen, and their friends co-founded, in honor of the partnership. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="3456"]Seth Rogen gave a tour of his Houseplant offices in April last year Image credit: Curbed[/caption] Lastly, the entire experience costs $42 and is accessible for three one-night stays between February 15 and 17. Bookings start on Airbnb on February 7 at 12:00 CST.

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