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7 Best PS5 Features to Become a Pro Player From a Noob

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7 Best PS5 Features to Become a Pro Player From a Noob-GadgetAny

Numerous helpful functions on the PS5 are disabled by default. As a result, there is a lot for you to explore, ranging from the option to select a baseline difficulty level for all games to automatically hiding spoilers. So, here are the seven best PS5 settings to get the most out of your console.

1. Turn off the microphone

Your voice might be captured in screen recordings since the DualSense controller’s microphone turns on automatically once your PS5 turns on. But you can make sure the microphone is muted by default on your PS5. Once your console starts hit the up arrow on the D-Pad. Then, press the right arrow until you reach the gear symbol to access the PS5’s settings menu. After that, change the setting to Mute by going to Sound > Microphone > Microphone Status When Logged In.

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2. Activate remote play

You may use your smartphone to play PS5 games thanks to the Remote Play feature. Additionally, you can turn on this function by going to Settings > System > Remote Play. Then, stream PlayStation 5 games to your smartphone using Sony’s approved apps or third-party substitutes.

3. Use surround sound to its full potential

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The 3D audio option on your PS5 is something you don’t want to overlook because it makes gaming more immersive. So, you may use your headphones or the sophisticated 5.1 or 7.1 speaker systems in your gaming room to enjoy amazing surround sound.

4. Set up default difficulty levels

Your PS5 has a setting that determines your preference in each game if you’re the type of person who consistently selects the same difficulty levels. To utilize this function go to Settings > Saved Data > Game Presets > Difficulty. In addition, you can configure the camera defaults for first- or third-person views, subtitles, and audio languages on the same page, as well as whether or not you want each game to run in performance mode.

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In connection with that, your PS5 gives you the option to choose whether to receive spoiler alerts before viewing particular sorts of content. To turn it on go to Settings > Saved Data > Spoiler Warnings.

5. Protecting your privacy

When you first set up your PS5, it prompts you to select your privacy choices. But you can always go back and examine your preferences if you can’t remember what you selected. Activate Privacy under Settings > Users & Accounts. In addition, you should ideally restrict or turn off each option under “Control how your data is collected and used.” For more precise control over what information is shared publicly on your PSN profile, you should go through View and Customize Your Privacy Settings.

6. Set up the energy-saving features

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Always turn off your PS5 when you’re through using it to reduce your energy costs. Your PlayStation 5 contains power-saving capabilities if you frequently forget. To view these choices, including how fast your PS5 turns off after idleness, go to Settings > System > Power Saving. After that, make sure the console isn’t using more power than it should by selecting Features Available in Rest Mode. For instance, you can totally disable the power supply to your PS5’s USB ports or disable it after the console has been in Rest Mode for three or five hours.

7. Automatically log in

Last but not least, if you’re the only person in your home who uses a PS5, you may instruct the console to automatically log you in, saving you a few button presses each time you turn on the console. To enable this option, navigate to Settings > Users & Accounts > Login Settings.

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