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7 tips to save money on printer ink at office

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7 tips to save money on printer ink at office-GadgetAny
Seven excellent tips to save money on printing ink

Due to the current economic times and inflation the world is facing, the cost of everything from groceries, fuel, electricity, etc., is at its highest. Additionally, even standard “consumables” such as printer ink cost much more than before. And this impact is heavily felt by people who have printers at office.. But, some valuable tips can help them make the best use of their printing ink and cut down on costs.

Tips to save money on printer ink  

1. Do selective printing 

One thing people can do to reduce the costs of printing ink is to practice selective printing. That is, try to avoid printing anything if it is not that necessary. For instance, they can carry a document or a recipe book digitally instead of printing them. 

2. Avoid using the “Ctrl+P” or “Command+P” shortcut on web pages

If people use the “Ctrl+P” (in Windows) or “Command+P” (on Mac) shortcut when printing something from a web page, it prints everything on that page. Instead, they should look for the “Print” button on the web page itself near the top. Thus, avoiding unnecessary printing of images, ads, or banners on the web page. Therefore, reducing the usage of printing ink and saving money.

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3. Print preview is important

Before printing an image, article, or document, opening the file in “Print Preview” is necessary. By doing so, users can see what the printed copy or image will look like. And if there are photos or ads on it that they don’t want. In Print Preview, they can even switch the document from color to grayscale. And hence, cut down on costs of printing ink. 

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4. Choose brand-name printing ink

People should stick with printing ink belonging to the same company as their printer. The reason is that these brand-name ink are tested to last longer than less expensive no-name inks. Besides, many customers have reported that cheap ink cartridges dry on the printer heads, leading to performance issues. So, by using brand-name ink, users would be cutting the cost of printing ink over time. 

5. Close up unfinished ink tightly

Users must keep the new replacement ink cartridges in sealed containers to keep them closed tightly. The reason is that, if opened prematurely, the oxygen dries up the printing ink over time. However, if users have an open ink cartridge, they can seal it tightly in a Ziplock bag to prevent it from drying. Regular maintenance checks on printers are also necessary to ensure they run efficiently. 

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6. Buy cartridge-free printers

The best way to reduce costs on printing ink is to avoid using cartridges at all. Some printers come with built-in ink bottles that last for a couple of years. It saves users the cost of replacement ink bottles significantly. And this way, they can also reduce the amount of plastic waste generated by ink cartridges. 

7. Use Ecofont

People with printers can also save money on printing ink by formatting their documents with Ecofont. It is a collection of downloadable font styles that are perforated. These fonts have tiny holes in the letters, numbers, and symbols. So, users can save up to 46% of ink or toner when they print something with Ecofont. The annual license for Ecofont costs around $9.25 for people who use printers at home. It costs more for people with a business.

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