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7 Hidden Xbox Setting Options You Can Tweak to up Your Game

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7 Hidden Xbox Setting Options You Can Tweak to up Your Game-GadgetAny

The Xbox is an excellent gaming system that comes with some solid software. Thankfully, it has much more potential because your Xbox includes a tonne of secret capabilities that are not turned on by default. To improve your fantastic console even more, though, all you need to do is take a thorough look over the options.

1. Lower your energy costs

There is a great power-saving feature on your Xbox that might not be turned on by default. Hence, consider adjusting your Xbox’s power-saving settings to lessen the impact your gaming habit has on your energy bills.


Switch on your system, click the Xbox button on the controller to launch Profile & System, then select Settings by scrolling down. After that, select General > Power settings. To modify how long the console can go without being used before shutting down automatically, choose Shutdown (energy saving) and work your way through the two Turn off after settings.

Furthermore, you can save up to 20 times more power by completely turning off the console. But, it comes at the cost of some convenient features. For instance, when you aren’t using your console, it won’t automatically update itself and will take longer to turn on.

2. Fix notifications

Your Xbox loves to send you notifications, which can be unpleasant because they might interfere with crucial gameplay features or interrupt a heated online match. Therefore, tweak them to minimize notifications.

Xbox Setting Fix notifications

Navigate to Notifications under Preferences in the Xbox settings. Then, go to the Default notification position to fix the alerts’ positioning. The least distracting location is typically the lower right corner, but you can choose one that works with the games you play the most frequently. After that, visit the Xbox notifications page by going back to the previous page. Turn off the notifications for the services you don’t use. In addition, this page offers the option to entirely turn off notifications, which is OK if you don’t play with friends or make use of any of Xbox’s social services.

3. Turn on the best accessibility options

There are various functions on your Xbox buried in the accessibility settings page. You can change these settings to remap your controller buttons, disable controller vibrations, and use Xbox’s night mode to lessen eye strain.

4. Boost the display’s resolution

Xbox Setting Boost the display's resolution

Make sure your Xbox is utilizing your TV to its full potential. You can use the highest resolution while gaming by going to Xbox settings > General > TV & display options and fiddling with all the settings. Additionally, the Calibrate TV option verifies your Xbox is capable of displaying colors appropriately, while the Video modes option contains a variety of refresh rates and other video settings you should examine.

5. Install necessary apps

As you might guess, the majority of users use Xboxes as gaming consoles, and the device is ready to use for that right out of the box. It is also a fantastic multimedia streaming device, but to utilize it for that, you must download a tonne of apps.


Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Apple Music, and Spotify are likely already on your device, but if not, you can download them from the Microsoft Store. But after you’ve done that, think about buying the Blu-ray Player and Audio CD Player apps to get the most out of your physical media library.

6. Check HDMI-CEC options twice

With the help of HDMI-CEC, you may control the Xbox and other devices linked to it with fewer remote controls. In addition, if configured properly, when you start up or shut down your Xbox, your TV will also do the same.

Xbox Setting Check HDMI-CEC options twice

To set this option go to Xbox settings > General > TV & display options > Device control. Depending on how you plan to use this function, you should enable HDMI-CEC as well as other options on this page.

Moreover, each choice is self-explanatory, and it is wise to turn on the following:

  • The console turns on other devices.
  • The console turns off other devices.
  • Switch TV input using the controller.

If you have several devices linked to the TV, the last choice is advantageous. The TV will switch to your Xbox the moment you click the Xbox button on the controller.

7. Get alerts to remind you to take frequent breaks

It’s easy to become engrossed in video games and disregard your well-being and the outside world. Therefore, you may set up your Xbox to remind you to take breaks from gaming using the feature called “break reminders.”

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You can access this option under Xbox settings > Preferences > Break reminder.

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