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Shared Stories – New memorable Snapchat feature

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Shared Stories – New memorable Snapchat feature-GadgetAny
Shared Stories

Snapchat launched a new feature called “Shared Stories” this week. The recent feature is an enhanced version of “Custom Stories,” which allows users to create a story and invite friends to collaborate on following posts. But, with Shared Stories, the platform will enable more people to collaborate on a story. Furthermore, Snapchat claims that it will help users transform shared moments into memories. 

How does Shared Stories work?

The new feature is pretty simple to operate. And as with any other story shared on Snapchat, it will disappear after 24 hours. But now, users can select friends who can complement that story with more images or videos. In addition, these friends can even invite others to do the same thing. 


For instance, users can invite friends to create Shared Stories of a party. Likewise, these friends can add new stories appearing next to the original one and invite their friends and so on. As a result, everyone can collaborate to create a memory of a particular event. Snapchat’s blog post announcement states –

“Now, with our new and improved Shared Stories, Snapchatters who’ve been added to the group can add their friends as well, making it easier for the whole soccer team, camp squad, or group of new coworkers to get in on the fun.”

Furthermore, Snapchat notes that they “moderate” the content added to Custom Stories. The platform does so with automatic language detection and other tools to make these stories fun and safe. Additionally, users get a notification when they join Custom Stories with accounts they’ve blocked. 

On another note, Snapchat revealed its plans to bring new parental controls to its app. Plus, an update with a new set of camera and editing tools for creators. Lastly, Shared Stories is rolling out to iOS and Android Snapchat users. However, a user must install the latest version of the app to access the new features. 

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