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'She never pushed him to be a Man', is the Reason Florida Man Gives for Fatally Stabbing Mom

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When a Florida man confessed to repeatedly stabbing his mother to death, he gave an odd explanation. When asked why he killed his mother, Matthew Sisley, 21, responded that his mother "never pushed [him] to be a man." Deputies in Osceola County received a report of a probable stabbing in the town of Kissimmee on November 29 at around 4:13 p.m. Sheriff Marcos Lopez said deputies went to a residence on Myrtle Oak Lane and Oak Hill Trail. Authorities said that when they arrived, they discovered two women—one dead on the living room floor and the other suffering from severe hand wounds. Sisley was discovered with blood on his hands "a short distance away" from the stabbing. He admitted to stabbing his mother on purpose and his sister unintentionally. He was questioned by detectives about the murder shortly after. Do you believe your mother deserved to be stabbed, Sisley was asked? Also Read: Who is Jalen Kitna? Reportedly shared an explicit picture of an adult man & teen girl [caption id="attachment_68142" align="aligncenter" width="634"]Matthew Sisley Matthew Sisley[/caption] Yes, he said in answer. Sisley responded, "Because Mom never forced me to be a man," when asked why. He didn't explain what that meant or why it motivated him to knife her to death. The detective next inquired about his level of regret for his actions. "No," Sisley retorted. Again, I would do it. Shortly after, he was taken into custody and accused of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. Additional costs are expected. The sheriff's department confirmed that this was an isolated incidence.   According to WESH, Sisley appeared before a judge on Wednesday, and the state then submitted a motion for pre-trial custody. So, I'm going to hold him without a bond, the judge remarked. will be placed in pretrial detention with the caveats of "no returning to scene, no contact with victims or witnesses, and no weapons of any type just in case." When asked what he had observed, Miguel Cabrera, a neighbor of the family, told News 6: Cabrera stated, "I noticed my neighbor, the lady, running out of the house, crying like, 'Help, help, help,' with her hands over here, holding her stomach, and her hands full of blood."

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