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Shortwave Email App Has AI-Powered Features In Beta Test

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Shortwave email app was first released in 2022 after several Google execs made hints about its impending features. It is anticipated to offer a new set of skills, including the ability to create rapid summaries with the use of artificial intelligence, as it draws inspiration from the company's Inbox app. Furthermore, the GPT3-powered app is currently accessible to beta testers without charge. Thanks to this integration, scanning a large number of emails is now quicker and easier. Additionally, TechCrunch claims that OpenAI enables Shortwave to have an instant email translation feature for content in different languages. In addition, owing to AI, you can quickly finish scanning the newsletter's pages when browsing it. Also, the incorporation of summaries from previous communication is the most intriguing feature that everyone using the Shortwave email software should notice. In other words, even if you are not a Shortwave user, you may use an AI-powered summary to determine the context of the discussions. Moreover, the email's creators anticipate adding more AI-focused capabilities down the road, including intelligent composition and a variety of summarization methods. A semantic search will eventually be available, according to Shortwave. The business stated in a blog post on February 28, "The new capabilities of large language models have swung the door wide open for new ways to interact with your inbox. At Shortwave, we aim to pave the way towards an AI-enabled email future, starting with Smart Summaries, launching today in beta." [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1280"]Shortwave email app introduces AI-powered summaries Image credit: TechCrunch[/caption]

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Shortwave's AI-powered features should be thoroughly explored, the business hopes from its free users. And as part of the testing phase, the business is currently debating issues pertaining to the pricing plan for the email app. On another note, the power and custom plans will run consumers a monthly price of $9 if they choose to subscribe to Shortwave. The former is geared towards individuals, while the latter is for teams. Additionally, this email app currently offers a wide range of improvements, such as support for GIFs and emojis, email grouping, pinned emails, and more. Furthermore, Shortwave allows you to mark emails that you've already read. You may also just put it on your to-do list and forget about it. On another note, some businesses believe that joining this fierce competition is a good strategy to spread the use of chatbots in light of Google and Microsoft releasing their own AI-powered tools. According to Wired, Aparna Pappu, general manager of Google Workspace, believes that AI is useful in a variety of contexts, including spam detection and message writing. It is a strong tool that can help users in different circumstances.

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