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Shrooly – The Best Home Mushroom Growing Device

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Shrooly – The Best Home Mushroom Growing Device-GadgetAny

As indoor farming trend is on the boom in today’s world, Now we have Shrooly Smart Device that enables us to grow mushrooms in our indoor comfort with minimum efforts.

Mushrooms, also known as a toadstool, are fungi that are fleshy in texture. Additionally, mushrooms have numerous benefits as they are a rich, low-calorie source of fiber, protein, and antioxidants. However, learning how to grow them takes years. But, Shrooly helps to produce fresh and organic mushrooms effortlessly. 

Besides, growing mushrooms at home can be very beneficial. The reason is that those available in the supermarket are of low quality and offer a limited selection. So, harvesting them in home mushroom growing device Shrooly, you will get the most fresh and organic mushrooms. Additionally, Shrooly is extremely easy to use and is beginner-friendly. 

Shrooly: grow mushrooms

Furthermore, it takes only seven days to harvest home mushroom in Shrooly compared to more than 60 days it takes with the traditional method. In addition, users can grow almost all mushroom types in this smart device like Shiitake, Reishi, Enoki, etc. 

Moreover, the device is suitable for all ages. Hence, children can learn more about fungus, nature, and eating habits. In addition, users can install a free companion mobile app when they purchase Shrooly to learn new recipes. 

Shrooly comes with growing blocks/pods that are entirely organic and pesticide-free, covered with 100% recycled plastic. Most importantly, each pod harvests about three times more mushrooms than the average store-bought portion and will cost $12 each. In addition, the pod contains 100% pure mushroom culture, free of GMO (genetically modified organisms) substrate. 

Steps to harvest mushrooms in Shrooly

Since Shrooly a home mushroom growing device is very user-friendly, it is not that hard to operate. Here’s how to do it –

  • First, place the growing pod in the smart device.
  • Then, press the “Start” button present on the side.
  • And, in a week, enjoy delicious, nutritious, freshly harvested, and organic mushrooms.  
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