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Singaporeans may now use a mobile app to check status of EV charging ports in real-time

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With the aid of an app, Singaporean drivers can now quickly determine where EV charging stations are located. Reports claimed that users can now rely on MyTransport.SG smartphone app to view real-time data, such as the location and status of the charging station. The smartphone software can store a wide range of data in its database, including the names of more than 1,000 charging stations. The two operators who joined the platform first, SP Mobility and ComfortDelGro Engie, held the majority of them. Singaporeans and others who currently reside in the nation can use the MyTransport.SG app as of right now. The app only had nine operators with various payment systems at the time. In the next two years, it's anticipated that EV charging stations will spread out across the nation. The Housing Board parking lots will be expanded by Singaporean authorities. [caption id="attachment_71469" align="aligncenter" width="770"]EV Charging point Image credits- Motorist Singapore[/caption] While there are currently over 3,600 charging ports, by 2025, there will be an additional 12,000 charging stations. Singapore is anticipated to have 60,000 charging outlets for expansion over the following five years. The mobile app will require users to register for the services first because it is still in the early stages of its trial period. More importantly, several drivers express frustration with the delay they experience when information comes on the platform. The SP Group's Head of Mobility, Mr. Dean Cher, stated that the business plans to implement "real-time information" on the MyTransport.SG app the next year. While some consumers find the app inconvenient, certain businesses have already recognized the potential benefits. They claim that since the app has advertised its charging locations, customers may now check whether the service is offered there. Tesla is developing a new procedure to allow salvaged cars to use its supercharger network According to Walter Theseira, an economics professor at the Singapore University of Social Sciences, by providing the position of the charger and availability information for "professional motorists," the app's usefulness to them can be increased. When their EVs need to charge up on a specific day, this app will serve as their go-to reminder for passenger drivers who regularly operate taxis and private vehicles. "I believe that the majority of drivers, especially those who have families, have rather stable usage patterns throughout time. They won't require much additional information after they understand charging availability and patterns because they will be set "Theeira tacked on.

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