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6 Last Minute DIY Spooktacular Halloween Decorations

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6 Last Minute DIY Spooktacular Halloween Decorations-GadgetAny
Create miniature jack-o-lanterns out of oranges

You forgot to decorate for Halloween, and it’s almost here. Perhaps you didn’t have time or didn’t think anyone would visit, but now that plans are underway, you must get your house ready with Halloween decorations. So, to complete the task quickly and affordably, you can upcycle items you already own into inexpensive, simple decor. And when you’re finished, recycle everything to avoid having to store a large box of trash for the following year.

1. Utilize old jars for “potions”

Utilize old jars for "potions"

It’s a good idea to reuse old jars all year long, but for Halloween, your old jam or peanut butter jars can also serve as decorations. Put some labels on your jars that say things like “blood” and “mouse livers,” wash out any other weird glass or plastic items you have in your pantry, and arrange them on a table covered in stretched-out cotton balls to create the spiderweb look. Also, you get extra points if you paint a used bowl black to make a cauldron centerpiece and add dry ice to make it steam.

2. Put a basic cheesecloth ghost on the wall

cheesecloth ghost on the wall Halloween Decors

In primary school, you might have created free-standing cheesecloth ghosts, but if you recall, that process took days because you had to apply liquid starch or papier-mâché liquid and wait for it to dry in between each layer. According to Brightly, you can create a simpler version of that traditional décor by simply covering a glass or jar with an old piece of cheesecloth. Furthermore, your guests shouldn’t be handling your decorations for long enough to notice how flimsy this one is, even though it won’t be solid or free-standing. To finish this one, simply cut some black construction paper circles for the eyes and glue them on.

3. Make a big spiderweb using an old shirt

Make a big spider web using an old shirt Halloween Decors

Old fabric or rope, some sticks, and a few more materials are all you need to create a kitschy spiderweb. Cut strips of fabric from an old white shirt or rope, cross six or eight sticks in the middle and splay them out like spokes, glue the sticks together where the middles meet, then glue your fabric in a spiderweb pattern between the sticks. It won’t take long to build, and it can serve as a wreath for your door.

4. Paper towel rolls can be used to create vintage candles

Paper towel rolls can be used to create vintage candles Halloween Decor

To build eerie-looking imitation pillar candles to place around your house, gather some electric tea lights, some used paper towels or toilet paper rolls, hot glue, and paint. Then, paint your cardboard rolls any color you like, affix a tea light to the top, and create some “wax” flowing down the side using your hot glue gun. Finally, with a little bit of arts-and-crafts magic, you can quickly transform these into frightening alternatives to genuine pillar candles that are also safer and less expensive.

5. Make a skeleton from used plastic bags

You most likely have a drawer full of used grocery bags that can be used to create a skeleton. In addition, you will need two wire clothing hangers, transparent tape, and 20 to 30 bags, according to Instructables. To make four arm bones and four leg bones, spread your bags out flat and roll them into cylinder shapes. Then, puff the ends out to mimic the ends of bones by taping them about an inch from the end. Make all of your shapes out of tape, but don’t be afraid to get imaginative. Laying two bags flat will allow you to twist and tape them into the shape of fingers and palms, gathering them at the bottom to create a wrist.

Make a skeleton from used plastic bags Halloween Decor

After that, you can merely fill two bags with paper towels or other bags and draw toes on the front if you think that could be too difficult for your feet. Then, wrap each in bag strips and use additional strips to drape ribs. Bend one of your hangers outward to construct hips, and hang the other upside down for clavicles. The head is simply a big stuffed bag with a drawn-on face that you can move and tape until it appears how you choose. Lastly, hang it up by its head after sewing or taping everything together.

6. Create miniature jack-o-lanterns out of oranges

Create miniature jack-o-lanterns out of oranges

Cut a small portion off the top of an orange, hollow it out, then carve a face into the remaining rind if you don’t have the time or energy to construct actual jack-o-lanterns or if you just want to decorate your table with something adorable and miniature. Moreover, you may create a small glowing ornament that not only looks great but also smells nice by placing a tea light within. When your party is over, compost it.

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