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'Sleeping with other people amazingly enhances our relationship – there's a simple trick'

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Swinging, according to one couple, is the key to their blissful union; the only requirement is that they swing together. Jess, the proprietor of a sex club, and Jay, an event director, told Kyle and Jackie O that they started dating after meeting on Tinder two years ago. Lawrence, who is still her business partner at Our Secret Spot in Sydney's Annandale, and Jess were together back then. But when Jess and Jay's relationship developed, they decided it would be wise to "close" it a little bit by forbidding each other from hooking up with other people separately. Jess, a bisexual woman who had been in non-monogamous relationships for ten years, suggested that the couple give swinging a try since they had been denied the opportunity to engage in sexual experimentation. [caption id="attachment_60237" align="aligncenter" width="615"]Swingers (Image: instagram.com/oursecretspot)[/caption] Since Jay was "very open to things," he decided to try it out when it was offered. Jay had never before engaged in group sex before they first tried it out. Jess disclosed that the pair formed a foursome with her closest friend and her partner, which resulted in them adopting a completely different way of life. Regarding Jay, he claimed that swinging has helped him and that he appreciates being able to express open communication in his relationships. He remarked that he appreciates how the pair consistently takes the time to check in with one another and talk about their boundaries. FEMAIL quoted Jess as saying: "We are always looking at each other right now. There are undoubtedly times when you feel uncomfortable. [caption id="attachment_60240" align="aligncenter" width="615"]Swingers (Image: instagram.com/oursecretspot)[/caption] Jay also said "I can still clearly recall being forced into a situation where I felt quite uneasy. I just couldn't get my head back into a posture that Jess and I share. It was claimed that at this point Jess' intuition kicked in since she knew something wasn't right based on her familiarity of her boyfriend. When she looked over, she claimed Jay seemed like a "deer in headlights," and she realized something wasn't right. Jess asserted herself and got them back to being by themselves. However, Jay claimed that above all things, he "just wants her to be happy," therefore he doesn't become envious when he witnesses his spouse becoming intimate with others. The main restriction that the pair follows is that they only swing together and almost exclusively with females. [caption id="attachment_60241" align="aligncenter" width="615"]Swinger (Image: instagram.com/oursecretspot)[/caption] Although Jess acknowledges that she is more drawn to women, she is "happy" to have Jay as her male companion. Jess admitted that she enjoys taking breaks from swinging even though she doesn't believe she could ever stop completely. "It has become such a beneficial change for me," she said. "Swinging has most definitely improved my relationships both with my friends and partner.

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