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Stream Deck Goes Free For Mobile Phones

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Image Credit – corsair.com

CORSAIR has altered the Elgato Stream Deck’s accessibility by making the mobile app available for free. Stream Deck Mobile, the digital iteration of the team’s successful Stream Deck software, has undergone significant revisions. Any smartphone can now serve as a portable work interface thanks to the Stream Deck Mobile app.

The “freemium” app business model has made Stream Deck Mobile accessible to an increasing number of users. Today’s upgrade made Stream Deck Mobile for iOS available to all iOS device users without the cost of up to six keys.
Other changes to the app’s core give users more ways to handle their favorite apps and change how they are set up. Custom layouts, backgrounds, and up to 64 keys are just some of the premium features available with a Pro subscription or purchase.

Stream Deck Mobile’s newest iteration has been refined to work with the iPad’s display and interface. The iPad’s multitasking capabilities allow users to use Stream Deck Mobile and up to 128 other apps or websites at once (Pro subscription required).

smart deck mobile app
Image Credit – corsair.com

“Stream Deck is so much more than just a physical device,” stated Christiane Göhring, Elgato’s Team Lead for Mobile Development. “It’s a powerful ecosystem that enables millions of users across practically any workflow. With this update, we’re excited to bring that same technology to the virtual space, making it easier than ever for anyone to streamline tasks and save time using the iPhone or iPad they already know and love, all for free.”

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In addition to the previously available light and dark themes, keypad rotation controls, user profiles, and plugins are now available on the Elgato Marketplace. Using Stream Deck Mobile Pro, they can change the number of keys and arrange them in whatever they choose. In addition, customers can personalize their app experience by replacing the standard avatars with their own images.

You can get Stream Deck Mobile right now from the App Store for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS.

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