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Snapchat Adds A New Tool Dynamic Stories – See What Is It For?

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Snapchat Adds A New Tool Dynamic Stories – See What Is It For?-GadgetAny
Snapchat adds a new tool – Dynamic Stories

Snapchat adds a new feature that will give the social media platform a news app twist – Dynamic Stories. Snapchat Dynamic Stories will enable publishers on Snap to create posts from stories already published on a website. Additionally, it will use the publisher’s RSS feed to create posts, adding them directly to the newsroom’s Snap stories. The company claims that the new tool will provide users with breaking news from authentic sources in real-time. 

Moreover, Snap stated in an announcement it has developed “an easy way for its partners to create daily content.” The company elaborated, “By tying publishing on Snapchat into our partners’ existing workflow, they can do so at lower costs.” In addition, Snapchat believes the “new format” will play a vital role “to bring local content to our community across the globe.” 

Dynamic Stories

Furthermore, Snapchat Dynamic Stories will appear on a user’s Snapchat Discover feed and update in real-time. Additionally, users can tap a publisher’s Dynamic Stories, read the headline, and swipe up to read the full news story. However, Snapchat noted that only verified publishers and creators will appear on the Discover tab.

On another note, currently, more than 40 publishers will be able to post on Dynamic Stories. Thus, these publishers from the US, the UK, France, and India, will automatically be able to share published content on Snapchat. Lastly, the newsrooms partners of Snap include CNN, ESPN, The Washington Post, British Vogue, Bloomberg, and more.

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