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Snapchat: How To Restore Your Lost Streak

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image credit - nfi.edu Almost every part of Snapchat can be done with an emoji. Unless you change them, they stay the same for all Snapchat users unless you change them. These include the two pink hearts for your Super BFF, a pin emoji for your pinned chats, a fire emoji for your Streaks, and more. But what are Streaks on Snapchat? And can Snapchat Streaks be brought back? Read on to find out. As the name suggests, Snapchat Streaks shows how often you and a friend talk to each other on Snapchat. Once you and your friend have sent each other Snaps for 3 days in a row, a flame emoji will appear next to the number of days to show your Streak. But what happens if you don't do it one day? Can a Snapchat Streak be brought back? We should find out.

Why You Lost Your Snapchat Streak?

Even though Snapchat lets you send texts, Snaps from Memories or Snapchat Spectacles, etc., only Snaps, pictures, and videos taken with the Snapchat app count toward your Snapchat Streak. These have to be done one-on-one, not in a group chat on Snapchat. The number of days in front of your Streak also changes as you keep going. This connection also needs to go both ways. From the Chats window, you can see your Streaks. 

How to View Your Snapchat Streaks

  • Open the Snapchat app on your phone.
  • Tap the Chat button at the bottom of this page.
  • Now, look at the number of days next to the Streak sign.
But your Snapstreak will end if you and your friend don't send and open each other's Snaps every 24 hours. But before we talk about how to get your Snapstreak back, let's look at a few things you should think about before getting started.

How To Recover a Lost Streak

Now that we know more about Snapchat Streak and why it gets lost, let's look at all the ways you can get it back.

Get It Back Using the Restore Button

[caption id="attachment_191643" align="aligncenter" width="349"]Restore-Snapchat-Streak image credit - guidingtech.com[/caption] Snapchat just added a " Restore " button to help you keep your Streaks. But be careful because you can only recover one Streak for free, no matter which friend you use it for. After that, you'll have to pay a small fee (around $0.99) each time you want to recover a Streak. Go to the Chats window and tap on Restore to use this choice. If you've done this before, finish paying for your order. Once you've done that, Snapchat will bring back your Streak. If you want to return any other Streak, you must tap Restore each time. But hurry, because you can only make this choice for a short time. Also read - How To Get Snapchat’s “My Ai” Feature

Send Snaps to Your Friends

When a Snapstreak ends, the number of days starts over at 0. But not everything is lost. You and your friend can always start a new Streak by sending Snaps to each other. And now that you know more about Snapchat Streaks, send and open each other's Snaps within 24 hours. After 3 days, you'll be able to see the Streak emoji next to your friend's name in the Chat window.

Contact Snapchat Support Team

If you think you lost your Streak because of a software bug and not because you forgot to take a Snap, you can contact Snapchat's support team and let them know. Be sure to do this as soon as possible. They will then give ideas for how to fix this problem. Follow the steps below to get it done.
  • Open Snapchat and tap on the icon that looks like you.
  • Tap the icon that looks like a gear here.
  • Scroll down and tap 'I Need Help'. If you have questions about the Streak Restore option, you can also use the "I've lost my Snapstreak" option.
  • Tap on "Contact Us" now.
Once the contact form pops up, explain your problem in as much detail as you can so that it can be fixed quickly.

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