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Snapchat Unveils ‘Dreams’: A Selfie Avatar Feature Supercharged by AI

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Snapchat Unveils ‘Dreams’: A Selfie Avatar Feature Supercharged by AI-GadgetAny

(Image credit- The US Sun)

Snapchat’s Dreams feature is a new generative artificial intelligence-powered feature that enables you to create imaginative images of yourself.

By changing images of Snappers using AI, Dreams enables them to explore a variety of augmented realities, such as ones with dragons, mermaids, or a Renaissance era.

You can find Dreams in Snapchat’s camera roll under Memories. This feature makes use of the generative AI selfie feature trend that was made popular by apps like Lensa.

Dreams- How to Use it?

Users of Snapchat can use Dreams by following a simple process to create these imaginative avatars. They need to upload a series of natural selfies to the app, which are then used as the base for them.

Snapchat 'Dreams' generates selfies with AI
Image credit- 9to5Mac

Afterward, Snapchat started generating eight-photo packs using its generative AI model, giving users a variety to pick from. Furthermore, Back-to-school emotions toward doppelgängers are just a few of the themes that each group shares.

Simply snap a few selfies of yourself on Snapchat to activate the function, and Dreams will handle the rest.

However,  only Australia and New Zealand currently have access to the feature, but Snapchat hopes to make it available in more nations “over the next few weeks.”

According to the company, “With a new Gen AI-powered feature called Dreams, Snapchatters can create fantastical images that let them try on new identities–be it a mermaid in a deep-seascape, or a renaissance era royal.”

Providing Value with innovative Experiences

Snapchat’s Dreams feature, which creates avatars by asking users previously prepared queries, does not allow users to create their own original prompts. However, the element of surprise blends in very well with Snapchat’s fun and lighthearted approach to engaging its audience.

Snapchat 'Dreams' generates selfies with AI
Image credit- 9to5 Mac

Dreams adheres to Snapchat’s purpose of giving value through fun and cutting-edge experiences, as highlighted by Snap Vice President of Product Jack Brody.

According to the reports, Snapchat has experienced problems with AI-driven features. A ChatGPT-style chatbot was previously deployed to the website, and user feedback was mixed.

Despite the chatbot’s ability to respond to queries and offer advice, some users found it uncomfortable that they had to pay a price to get rid of it. The chatbot’s malfunction caused unexpected postings as well, which made using Snapchat much more difficult.

The shift to AI-generated avatars is anticipated to go more smoothly because the majority of Snapchat’s user base is already accustomed to using augmented reality lenses to enhance their images.

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