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Snapdragon 8 Gen 4, Samsung may join TSMC for Exynos chip

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Image credit : Bloomberg.com Samsung is reportedly concentrating on reintroducing the Exynos chip at the moment. In its flagship products, the corporation is attempting to reintroduce the chipset. According to the reports, some models of the Galaxy S24 series will have the Exynos 2400 processor. Samsung may advance things a little more once the Galaxy S24 series was introduced a year earlier. The business might start modifying its own Snapdragon processors. It would be Samsung Foundry's responsibility to produce the specialized Snapdragon chips. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 chip will be produced by TSMC using its 3nm (N3E) technology, claims well-known tipster Revegnus (@Tech_Reve). Samsung, on the other hand, will be in charge of producing the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy processors. The 3nm GAP (3GAP) technique from Samsung Foundry will be used by the South Korean manufacturer to construct the chip. The veracity of this data cannot be verified. But if it turns out to be true, Samsung would have made a significant advancement in the chip manufacturing sector. Simply put, this only means that Samsung's 3nm chipset can now compete with TSMC's. We are specifically referring to performance and efficiency. [caption id="attachment_175719" align="aligncenter" width="760"]Qualcomm-and-Samsung-Up-Their-Alliance-with-Seven-Year-Extension-of-Patent-Licensing-Agreement Image credit : Futurum Research[/caption] This information is currently based solely on rumors. There are still two years till the Samsung Galaxy S25. As a result, details about this will become much more evident as the Galaxy S25 series' launch approaches. In the event that this occurs, two businesses will have to manufacture the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 processor. A similar event involving Apple's A9 processor occurred. Both Samsung and TSMC produced the A9 chip. Samsung used a 14nm design to create the chip. TSMC, meanwhile, produced it using a 16nm process. While TSMC's A9 chip was somewhat more power-efficient, Samsung's A9 chip was smaller in size. Also read : TSMC is preparing to manufacture Apple’s 3nm chips, which are expected in 2023 Also keep in mind that Samsung's Exynos chip and the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 processor might work together with the Galaxy S25 series. The 3nm GAP technique from Samsung Foundry might likewise be used to produce both chips. They might provide comparable performance levels as a result.

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