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Solar Generator 2000 Pro: A unique power station

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Solar Generator 2000 Pro: A unique power station-GadgetAny
Solar Generator 2000 Pro baner

Jackery, a California-based tech company, introduced Solar Generator 2000 Pro in partnership with off-grid tech enthusiast actor Chris Pratt. It is the company’s latest outdoors/backup generator that can charge by solar panels. 

Additionally, Jackery claims that the product can re-charge to 100% in 2.5 hours in this way. However, the Solar Generator 2000 Pro needs to be connected to SolarSaga 200W panels for that purpose. In addition, the portable power station can charge from the mains to support various devices, including household appliances.   

Hence, the 2000 Pro will refill its 2,160 watt-hour batteries in an entirely environmental-friendly manner. Furthermore, the OEM suggests that the portable power station will yield the best results with its new SolarSaga 200W products. In fact, with six of these, it charges fully in just 2.5 hours. But, the rated charging time increases to four hours with just four of these panels, further increasing to 7.5 hours with just two.  

Solar Generator 2000 Pro baner

Moreover, the Solar Generator 2000 Pro charger via standard wall outlets too in just two hours. And the household appliances it supports range from microwaves to some refrigerators. Consequently, it delivers 120V/60Hz/2,200W of AC output for 96-210 minutes during situations like a blackout. In addition, the portable power station possesses three AC outlets besides dual USB type-As, type-Cs, and a single DC port. 

Jackery also claims that each of the 2000 Pro units will consist of “dual-monitoring chips” and quad “temperature core detectors.” They will support the thermal monitoring systems, battery management system, voltage regulation, and short-circuit prevention. These chips and detectors will, in turn, keep the 2000 Pro safe and reliable for prolonged use. 

The cost of the portable power station

Jackery’s latest portable power station will sell at $3,599 bundled with two SolarSaga 200Ws. In addition, a set with four of these panels will bring up the price of the 2000 Pro to $5,000. And lastly, six of the SolarSaga 200Ws will boost the cost of Solar Generator 2000 Pro to $6,199.

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