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Somatic launched AI toilet-bot that can clean your toilet efficiently

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Image credit : YouTube Witnessing artificial intelligence master the art of composing music, poetry, and even technology reporting might be disheartening, but observing an ingenious autonomous toilet-cleaning robot in action somehow restores our faith in the progression. This smart toilet-bot tackling the grimy task makes the advancement of robots into less appealing jobs feel reassuring. While many individuals are employed in the unglamorous field of toilet cleaning, few would claim it as their dream profession. Nevertheless, the significance of maintaining clean restrooms is irrefutable, a lesson engrained from high school experiences. The demand for automating such a job is evident, and Somatic, a company based in New York, is at the forefront with its innovative solution. For a monthly fee of $1,000, without any upfront charges, Somatic offers an autonomous trolley-bot service that resides in a closet within office buildings. This intelligent bot dedicates 40 hours each week to cleaning bathrooms, effectively costing around $5.68 per hour. This rate neatly sidesteps the rather dismal federal minimum wage of $7.25 in the United States. [caption id="attachment_191116" align="aligncenter" width="640"]Somatic Toilet-cleaning robot Image credit : YouTube[/caption] The capabilities of this compact device are impressive. It adeptly navigates doors, operates elevators, sanitizes toilets, walls, and floors using potent disinfectants and water sprays, lifts toilet lids for thorough cleaning, vacuums excess moisture, and neatly stores the vacuum on its back as it moves on to the next task. Though it operates autonomously during regular operation, the initial setup requires some human intervention. Somatic's approach, as revealed in a 2020 video, entails sending a shoebox-sized sensor kit before the robot's arrival. A representative walks through the building, mapping it using video and 3D depth data, simulating the robot's perspective. This meticulous mapping process ensures effective functioning. Also read : CleanseBot Is an Ultra-portable, Bacteria-Killing Robot for Germaphobe Travelers The toilet-bot doesn't aim to replace custodial staff entirely; instead, it handles routine sanitation tasks. If it encounters unexpected situations – a common occurrence in certain environments – it alerts janitors by emailing them photos, then proceeds to the next area. Expect some attention-grabbing notifications; it's wise to silence your phone during lunch breaks.

By Awanish Kumar

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