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First-Time iPhone Users Generally Make These Mistakes

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First-Time iPhone Users Generally Make These Mistakes-GadgetAny
first-time iPhone users

Holding that sleek, classy smartphone with an Apple logo on the back comes under “awesome” for many customers. And this is especially the case for first-time iPhone users who recently switched to iOS. However, they might miss out on some fantastic features Apple offers in that excitement. Hence, here are some tips for first-time iPhone users to help them make the best use of their device –

1. iCloud Keychain

First-time iPhone users might not know this, but Apple has a built-in password manager – the iCloud Keychain. The tool helps users create and store strong passwords for all their accounts and autofill them when needed. In addition, it supports two-factor authentication, further securing users’ accounts. Besides that, it offers users security recommendations and can detect compromised passwords. Hence, users don’t need to search for the best third-party password managers for an iPhone. Instead, they can enable this tool from Settings > Tap on user name at the top > iCloud > Keychain > Tap on it. Users can also add or view passwords in the Settings > Passwords

2. The ring/silent switch

For first-time iPhone users, the ring/silent switch is on the left side of their device, above the volume buttons. It is, by far, one of the handiest hardware features on an iPhone. With this, users can quickly and efficiently silence their iPhones without turning on the display or affecting the volume. Also, they can verify whether their device is in silent mode by glancing at the switch, which shows an orange line when in silent mode. 

3. Avoid unlicensed accessories

Using cheap, unlicensed, off-brand accessories for an iPhone can significantly damage the device. The reason is that they are not subjected to the same rigorous safety testing as Apple’s official or licensed accessories. Hence, users must look for the Made for iPhone logo before buying third-party accessories to avoid risking damage to the iPhone. 

first-time iPhone users

4. Avoid jailbreaking the iPhone

First-time iPhone users might miss all the customization options and the ability to sideload apps. Hence, they are likely to jailbreak their iPhone to enjoy these advantages. It means removing Apple’s restrictions on installing unsanctioned apps from third-party sources. But, doing so can void the warranty of an iPhone. Hence, exposing it to malware and other security threats. In addition, jailbreaking can make it difficult for users to install future software updates. Therefore, it is best if they avoid jailbreaking at all costs. 

5. Turn on the Optimized Battery Charging feature

The Optimized Battery Charging feature uses machine learning to track when users connect their phones for extended periods and when they use them. Hence, delaying the final stages of charging until users need to use their device through this data. And this, in turn, reduces battery aging. Users can switch this feature on by following these steps –

Settings > Battery > Battery Health > Tap it on

6. Do not ignore app permissions

Not only first-time iPhone users, but almost all users tend to ignore app permissions every time they install a new app. It asks for access to specific features on users’ devices like the camera, microphone, or location. And like they do with terms and conditions or user manuals, users tap ‘Allow’ without giving it much thought. However, they must understand that doing so can risk their privacy and security. Fortunately, users can review the app permission they have already granted in Settings > Privacy and select the relevant category. 

first-time iPhone users

7. Enable the Find My feature

First-time iPhone users must make sure to enable the Find My feature. It allows them to locate their device if it gets lost or stolen. Users can turn it on in Settings > tap their name at the top > iCloud > Find My iPhone. In addition, they can even enable the Send Last Location feature to send their device’s last location to Apple if the battery is low. 

8. Regularly backup the iPhone

It is important to regularly backup the iPhone if users do not want to lose essential data like contacts, photos, and messages. The iCloud Backup feature automatically performs backups. But, users must connect their iPhone to Wi-Fi and a power source for the feature to do so. They can enable the iCloud Backup feature from the iCloud menu in Settings

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