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Some of the Best Digital Homework Assistants

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Some of the Best Digital Homework Assistants-GadgetAny

We all know how tough it is to juggle our office work and children’s homework, and sometimes there’s just no time or willingness to help after a long day. Sometimes we wish we could get someone reliable who could solve this for us without worrying about the cost and safety. But, fear not, parents; there is a way out for you. Some apps are so well designed to suit your child’s needs that you will only thank me for suggesting them.

myHomework is one such app that assists your child in finishing their homework, and their teachers will be happy to see their students performing well. The app is easy to use and well organized, pushing your child to excel. In addition, you can access the classes and assignments anywhere and at any time.


The app is free with limited assistance, and the paid premium membership comes at $4.99 annually. myHomework app helps students at all levels by organizing better to become better students. This app in schools can offer premium membership to students by using the tools and reporting if the students are managing their work.

Show My Homework is another app that assists your child in being up to the mark. The homework software is designed for kids that connects with Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams. The app is made of simple keys for the homework process to ease out. Also, the app provides tools to support home learning in a straightforward and effective method.


Show My Homework is the most used; almost 1 out of 3 schools use this app. Teachers can instantly set classwork in a remote setting and see how many students have viewed and completed the assignment. In addition, students can interact with their teachers regarding a task or discuss it with their peers. Parents can also see how their child has been doing using the parent app.

You can access most Android, iPhone, and iPad apps.

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