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Sonos Bluetooth Speakers Is A Lot Better Than You Think

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Photo Credit: CNET Sonos put an end to its precedence by providing Bluetooth to its latest speakers, Era 100 and Era 300 which otherwise was never available by the company to its immovable speakers. It was mistaken that Bluetooth on an Era speaker operated similarly to how it does on the Sonos Roam and Sonos Move at the time which was a mistake. Actually, Era speakers for WiFi connection use Bluetooth in line which is different from Sonos speakers as Bluetooth is served as a completely unique mode. It has some deep connotations with what you can and can't do in Era speakers inside a Sonos system. Sonos announces pre-sale of new Era 300 and Era 100 speakers Photo Credit: USA Today Also Read: How to Stream Movies to a TV Using AirPlay

Bluetooth Can be used as a source of sharing

Sonos handles Bluetooth connections to Era speakers in the same way that it handles AirPlay connections. You can choose to merely stream Bluetooth audio to the Era speaker you're connected to, or you can use the Sonos app to group the Era speaker with as many other Sonos products as you like, and each one of them will play the audio that is being broadcast to the Era speaker over Bluetooth.

WiFi Is required

The bluetooth speakers cannot be used as soon as it is unpacked. Like Sonos speakers, the Era speaker can be streamed through bluetooth only after the initial setup of WiFi and turned on. You will need your home Wifi connection to control Era speakers through Sonos app while streaming using Bluetooth. However, if you decide to use them outside your home just like a bluetooth speaker, a power point is all they need.

There is no surround system

You can still use Bluetooth streaming like it has been stated above if you set up two matching Era speakers as a stereo pair. However, if you use the same two speakers as surrounds in a home theater, along with an Arc, Beam, or Ray, Bluetooth will not be available until the speakers are removed from the configuration. Also Read: Sonos Speakers are Available at Huge Discounts 

Connections has to be in order

Though the Era speaker can be connected to Bluetooth and WiFi at a time and also supports Airplay, there is a protocol to be followed while connecting: Sonos speakers just got smarter with AirPlay 2 upgrade | Cult of Mac Photo Credit: Cult Of Mac
  • Only one Bluetooth device can be linked at any given time. If you've already paired a second device and then connect it to the Same speaker, the first paired speaker will be disconnected.
  • AirPlay music will not pause but discontinue playing if an AirPlay is being used to play songs on an Apple device from an Era speaker and you shift to a device that is connected to bluetooth. The bluetooth device which is playing the music will have to be put on hold for AirPlay to function and then connect the Era speaker to the Apple device using AirPlay, then the music can be played.
  • When managing the Sonos and Bluetooth app, there is a difference, when you click Play on the session being streamed using Bluetooth, the music is paused which was playing through the Era speaker on Sonos app and the same happens when used it the other way around. When the play button is clicked, the music is paused but the bluetooth will not be disconnected.

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