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Sonos Claims New Move 2 Speaker Can Play Music for 24 Hours on a Single Charge

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Sonos Claims New Move 2 Speaker Can Play Music for 24 Hours on a Single Charge-GadgetAny
Sonos Speaker

Image credit : Sonos

Sonos is set to unveil the second-gen successor of its portable Bluetooth speaker on Sept. 20. The Sonos Move 2 claims to deliver an incredible 24 hours of playback on a single charge.

For $450 Sonos Move 2 seems more expensive than its predecessor released in 2019 but the latest device is quite impressive in terms of specs sheet. What sets move 2 apart from its predecessor is that it delivers stereo sound with a day of playback 12-13 hours more than original Move.

Sonos Speaker
Image credit : Sonos

The Move 2 is equipped with IP56 water and dust-resistant. It stands quite close to its predecessor in terms of design. The Move 2 features Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0 and is compatible with Sonos’ voice assistant for playback settings and supports Amazon’s Alexa as well. However, Sonos doesn’t support the Google Assistant.

The speaker will be available in three color options, including black, white, and a new olive tone. It’s likely to go on sale later this month.

Sonos Move 2
Image credit : Sonos

There are also some slight modifications as the charging base has shrunk a bit and is accompanied by a removable power adapter. Also, Sonos claims the new speaker “reduces its idle energy consumption by more than 40 percent compared to its predecessor.”

The Move 2 continues Sonos’ tradition of incorporating Trueplay, a feature that utilizes integrated microphones to optimize the audio based on the surrounding environment.

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Regarding Google, one drawback of the Sonos ecosystem is its compatibility mainly with Apple-centric households. While you can utilize the Sonos app on an Android device, it lacks support for Google casting, and the only third-party compatibility Sonos offers is with Apple’s AirPlay. Setting up a stereo pair with Google devices requires multiple arrangements, and even then, it doesn’t ensure access to Trueplay, which is one of the primary reasons for choosing Sonos over other alternatives.

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