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Sony: the PS5 Pro could make its debut as early as April 2023

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Image Credit: My Mobile Over the past two weeks, there have been numerous rumors that Mark Cerny, the PS5's designer, is still in charge of Sony's PS6 console. Most of these reports are based on a Cerny patent that was just recently issued and describes a method for ray tracing on the PS5 to be accelerated. Nevertheless, further investigation reveals that this might be for the Sony PS6 rather than the PS5. This rumor about the design of the PS6 console is, at the very least, a well-informed guess. Reports that Cerny is in charge of the PS6's design were widely disseminated on Twitter. According to @PS6Countdown, Cerny was actively working on the PlayStation brand and "likely" the PS6. Another user says they heard a similar story from a reputable source. Sony PS6 continues to be managed by CERNY. The "Dictator" from Digital Foundry clarifies that Cerny's patent is not based on PS5 technology on Resetera's website. He claimed that “PS5 and AMD do not have such a unit on any published hardware, while this invention has an RT unit (ray tracing unit) like Intel or Nvidia. This is for later versions of the PlayStation. The Sony PS6 or PS5 Pro/Slim may be referred to as this “iterative version. Given that Cerny served as the main system engineer for the PS4, PlayStation Vita, and PS5, it should not be a surprise that he will oversee the development of the Sony PS6. The PS6 will be released after 2027, and "The Last of Us 3" is rumored to also be coming to the PS6. It is Slim or Sony PS5 Pro? According to Sony, the PS5 Pro could make its debut as soon as April 2023. It ought to have a more potent chip and a better cooling system. Phonandroid provided the information, citing one of its own sources. Contrary to earlier rumors, the new version of Sony's console will have "Pro" rather than "Slim" in its name. The new liquid cooling technology in the PlayStation 5 Pro will be its key selling point. Usually, gaming PCs make use of it. So, it follows that the new system might receive an upgraded AMD processor. A fundamental redesign may be necessary because of liquid cooling. Furthermore, Sony must guard against the PlayStation 5 Pro destroying the PlayStation 5 model. Sony wants the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Pro to share the market with the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro for many years to come. Image Credit: Smartprix PS 5 PS 5. However, Tom Henderson does not think that all PS5 Pro/Slim reports are accurate. The newest PS5 model, according to him, is only the "2nd Gen" of the PS5, he says. He added that the PS5 of the first generation would be phased out at the end of this year. Even more intriguing is the fact that he has heard about the PS6 more often than the PS5 Pro. He had previously said that a new gaming console would be released in September of the same year and that the PS5 game system would get a significant upgrade in the middle of the year 2023. The latter ought to have a movable DVD disk. All about PlayStation. The PlayStation brand has undergone several iterations since the initial PlayStation console was released in 1994, including the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. In November 2020, the PlayStation 5 the most recent model was unveiled. The extensive game library, top-notch graphics, and powerful processing of PlayStation consoles are well-known features. The consoles are also well-known for their online multiplayer features, which let players communicate with other players all over the world. Along with the consoles, PlayStation provides a number of additional services, such as PlayStation Network (PSN), which enables users to buy and download games, connect with other users, and access exclusive content. Users of the streaming service PlayStation Now can access a selection of games at any time.

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