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Soon, the Samsung Galaxy Watch will be able to warn users of irregular cardiac rhythms.

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Image credit : TheStreet Samsung has disclosed that the Health Monitor app's irregular heart rhythm notification (IHGN) feature for Galaxy Watch devices has received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration. The feature, together with the wearable's electrocardiogram (ECG) capabilities, according to the manufacturer, can aid in spotting atrial fibrillation (AFib) symptoms. AFib is frequently seen as a warning sign for potentially serious cardiovascular problems that could raise the risk of complications like heart failure, stroke, and other complications. AFib sufferers can occasionally show no symptoms. After the user engages the feature in the Samsung Health Monitor app, the Galaxy Watch's BioActive Sensor will scan the wearer's wrist for abnormal cardiac rhythms in the background. The wearer will receive a warning from the watch if the sensor detects many abnormal measurements in a row. The notification will advise the user to obtain an ECG reading for a more precise readout. The watch will prompt the wearer to see a doctor if the reading reveals AFib symptoms. [caption id="attachment_147469" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Galaxy Watch5 Image credit : Samsung[/caption] Since 2019, every Apple Watch model (aside from the original) has provided an IHGN capability in some areas. According to Samsung, the market, carrier, model, and associated smartphone will all affect whether or not the IHGN feature is available. Also read : New Irregular Heart Rhythm Notifications Available on Pixel Watch, Despite No Official Support The One UI 5 Watch update from Samsung will contain the IHGN capability. Later this year, the following generation of Galaxy Watch devices will debut with it. The feature will eventually be available to owners of Galaxy Watch 4 series and subsequent versions. New sleep tracking features and a customized heart rate zone feature for exercises will also be available with the One UI 5 Watch.

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