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South Korean giant Naver launches generative AI tool to take on ChatGPT

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Image credit : The US Sun Naver, a prominent South Korean internet search giant, released its own generative artificial intelligence service on Thursday, in a bid to take on global competitors like ChatGPT-developer OpenAI..  The company claimed that Cue: -- the name of the new generative AI service -- has a better understanding of  South Korean culture, background, regulations and laws, offering it a key advantage at home turf.  "I am proud that Naver is the company which knows Koreans' minds the most," said CEO Choi Soo-yeon at a conference with the company's business partners, investors and developers. "Our essence and competitiveness will not be degraded even in the era of generative AI." [caption id="attachment_192010" align="aligncenter" width="882"]South-Koreas-Naver-launches-generative-AI-services-to-compete-with-ChatGPT Image credit : Tech Startups[/caption] Naver, often referred to as the equivalent of Google in South Korea due to its prominent search engine, has introduced its expansive language model, HyperClova X. This advanced model is poised to enhance search functions, along with refining advertising and shopping experiences for both users and advertisers. The capabilities of HyperClova X drive a range of novel applications that were recently unveiled by Naver. These include a generative AI search service called Cue, as well as the chat application named Clova X. Naver highlights that Clova X holds the potential to elevate work efficiency by condensing documents and executing language translations. Users can also take advantage of its AI-driven writing tool for composing emails and blog posts. Naver has revealed that Clova X will initiate beta testing on Thursday. Also read : ChatGPT Vs Claude AI: How Claude AI can beat ChatGPT in these aspects “In terms of productivity, this will save 10% to 50% of time spent on those tasks,” Choi Soo-yeon, CEO of Naver Cloud, said in an interview. “ChatGPT is a very challenging competitor. I think it’s an honest confession that we worked hard to keep up with the various abilities of ChatGPT,” said Choi, CEO of Naver Cloud,.

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