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Spotify Introduces Discovery Feeds and Smart Shuffle Mode in App Redesign

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Image credit : Spotify Spotify has announced the introduction of a new app redesign, featuring short-form video feeds, called discovery feeds, which are similar to TikTok. These updates will be available to both free and paid subscribers of the platform, and will include features such as Smart Shuffle and an autoplay feature for podcasts. This move is intended to make Spotify’s user interface more interactive, which could also open up new advertising opportunities for the company. The redesign will also address complaints from users who find the app too cluttered and difficult to navigate. This redesign is the latest update to Spotify’s efforts to personalize its user experience, with the company already providing personalized playlists and mixes for users based on their musical preferences. Following the highlighting of these playlists and mixes, the app will show the AI DJ feature, which offers background information on artists, albums, and songs, among other things. Users will have the option to scroll through music previews in the discovery feeds, which will be presented as full-screen videos that take advantage of the artist’s existing Canvas video. The Canvas video format has already been successful for Spotify, delivering increases in streams, shares, saves, and adds. The redesigned app features a snippet of the track’s audio combined with video in the discovery feeds, which allows users to preview an album, playlist or a single. The design is interesting as it allows users to listen to their own music while scrolling the recommendation feed on mute. If they like something, they can tap on the card to go to the full album or playlist view, or stop their own music and start listening to the suggestion. [caption id="attachment_108487" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Spotify Image credit : Pixabay[/caption] The podcasts feed has also been updated with a vertical scrolling user interface, which displays audio snippets from podcast episodes up to 60 seconds long with real-time transcriptions of what’s being said. Users can scroll through the podcast recommendations with the audio muted, and add episodes to a playlist of saved episodes for later listening. Audiobooks on the platform will also be structured in the same way as these new music and podcast feeds, and these discovery feeds will be integrated into the app’s Search tab. The algorithm behind these feeds will rank suggestions based on the individual user’s taste and preferences, rather than general popularity. Spotify’s new redesign is an effort to provide a more interactive and personalized experience for users of the platform. With the introduction of the discovery feeds and the inclusion of short-form video content, the platform has taken a step towards capitalizing on its investments in personalization technology. The company will also be able to introduce ads in the new surfaces of the app, which could be another way of generating revenue. Finally, the redesign will address user complaints about the app being too cluttered, making it easier for users to discover new content.

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