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Spotify to expand the video podcast feature – See Details

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Spotify to expand the video podcast feature – See Details-GadgetAny
Spotify to expand the video podcast

Spotify, one of the biggest music streaming channels, has experimented with video podcasting features since mid-2020. Additionally, Spotify finally expanded the video podcast feature. As of now, the feature will be available to creators in Australia, the UK, Canada, New Zealand, and the US. However, Spotify plans to expand it to other markets too. 

Spotify continues to roll out unique features to spotlight creators and user-created content. Not long ago, it launched Featured Creators and Spotify Blend features. On the one hand, the former enables users to discover new music through playlists created by other users. On the other, the latter allows users to find new tunes by creating a mixed playlist with another user. Interestingly, Spotify is also experimenting with a TikTok-like music discovery feed. Therefore, the platform’s expansion of the video podcast feature is not unwelcome.

Spotify to expand the video podcast feature

What is the video podcast tool?

Previously, the video podcast tool was only accessible to select creators. But now, all Spotify creators would be able to access the feature. The new feature, when first released, was the streaming service’s bid to take over YouTube. Creators can upload the video via Spotify’s Anchor podcast creation tool. 

Furthermore, the Podcast Subscription services, enabling creators to earn money through podcasts, will not extend to video podcasts. Plus, Spotify assures users that it will add more monetization features to the tool in the coming months. 

Spotify to expand the video podcast feature

Interestingly, Anchor would enable podcast creators to bulk-replace their audio content with video versions. Additionally, Spotify will also give meaningful insights to creators concerning their video podcast’s performance. As a result, the creator will be better able to manage their audience and gain more traffic. In addition, the video podcast tool will also allow creators to engage with their viewers through polls and Q&A. 

Besides that, Spotify plans to make the video podcast feature “backgroundable.” Hence, viewers will be able to listen to the audio of a video podcast even if they exit the app. Additionally, Spotify is partnering with Riverside (a podcast and video recording service) to enhance the quality of remotely captured content. 

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