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Spotify Unveils Android 13 Icons, Becoming Latest Major App

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Spotify Unveils Android 13 Icons, Becoming Latest Major App-GadgetAny

Did you update your Spotify app? Well, it’s time to do it. The most popular feature, Android 13-themed icons, is rolling out in Spotify. 

In recent times, Reddit, WhatsApp, Google Wallet, and others have introduced new icons, and the latest is the world’s most popular music streaming service.

Moreover, Spotify is the latest to adopt a dynamic app icon, and if you’re running Android 13 software, you’ll find it will appear on your phone when you update to the latest version.

However, if it’s already on your home screen, and you have automatic app updates turned on, you may find it has already appeared on your phone.

Additionally, it has shown on our Pixel 6 series devices as part of software Reports suggested it’s from September 4, but no one has spotted the change before, so we’re sure the themed icon rolled out today.

Meanwhile, in your settings, you’ll find the feature under the Wallpaper and style menu to use dynamic app icons. In addition, you’ll want to click on the feature Themed icons to ensure you can see them. After that, you can just add compatible apps to your homepage. 

However, not all apps are supported, as per reports; if so, with you, the wait is much expected.

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