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Starkvind Table cum Air Purifier from Ikea: Is it Worth it?

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A significant interest lies in air purifiers, and when IKEA introduced the Starkvind smart air purifier, excitement followed. The unique design caught my attention, which led to the testing of this air purifier. In this review, thoughts on the IKEA Starkvind air purifier will be shared in simple language.

What Is the Starkvind Air Purifier?

Most air purifiers feature a similar tall, rectangular tower design with filters. The Starkvind table stands out as a smart air purifier with an exceptional design and more functionality.

An Air Purifier and a Coffee Table

Typical air purifiers may be bulky and need to fit better with a room's style. The IKEA Starkvind, however, has four legs and a table on top, doubling as a coffee table. This feature simplifies finding an appropriate spot for it without compromising room aesthetics. Also Read: Alexa Powered Side Table Serves Drinks on Bed on your Command

A Smart Device

The Starkvind qualifies as a smart device with the ability to connect to Alexa and Google Home, and it comes with an app for convenient control. Although not groundbreaking, this feature complements its status as a modern air purifier.

How Well Does It Work?

The Starkvind was tested and found to perform well. Its simplicity ensures it fulfils its main function of cleaning the air. While lacking in extra features, this straightforward approach is a welcome change compared to other air purifiers with extensive features.


The Starkvind boasts an impressive design combining a coffee table and an air purifier, offering versatility and style. Finding an appropriate spot for it is hassle-free, and it can serve as a platform for other items.


As an air purifier, the Starkvind proves to be effective. It may lack a True HEPA filter, but its particle filter does a satisfactory job. It excels in eliminating odours and maintaining clean air quality. The user-friendly app simplifies the use of its smart features.

Conclusion – Is It a Good Air Purifier?

The IKEA Starkvind qualifies as a good air purifier, according to the evaluation. It stands out with its unique design and basic features, ensuring clean air in your home. The smart capabilities add to its convenience. However, advanced features and a True HEPA filter are lacking. For those not bothered by these omissions, it is a simple, stylish, and effective air purifier available at a reasonable price. It's an excellent choice for improving your home's air quality without compromising its interior design.

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