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Starting at $151, these Acemagacian mini PCs are for sale

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Acemagician AMR5 Mini PC | $385 | Acemagician | Promo Codes: NEW10 & ACEAMR5PC Mini PCs are new to you? No issue! The top small PC maker is Acemagician. They are made with the least amount of space and the least amount of environmental effects in mind, giving you the quickest PCs imaginable. Use the following discount codes to purchase the AMR5 Mini PC and the T8 Plus Mini PC on sale right now: NEW10 and ACEMR5PC and NEW10 and ACET8PLUS5. According to a coworker at the Inventory, the AMR5 loads games exceptionally quickly. That's because of its AMD Radeon Graphics, which improves video clarity and accelerate game performance. It just looks... extremely good, plus you can change the performance settings (like a freaking sports car). Additionally, they noted how trustworthy a "work from home" computer the T8 Plus is. It weighs less than half a pound and can manage a three-screen display. Using both discount codes, the T8 Plus is only $151 and the AMR5 Mini PC is a great $385. Isn't it great that you can combine promo codes? To bring that PC magic home, use NEW10 and ACEMR5PC or NEW10 and ACET8PLUS5. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]AMR5 MINI PC - Acemagician Image credit- Acemagician[/caption]


  • The machine has a power adjustment knob on the top that can be turned to adapt to different circumstances and boost performance. 1Silence Mode, 10-15W power, noise level under 38dB, appropriate for low energy consumption activities like viewing films, light office work, and so on.
  • Most office software and light games can run smoothly in auto mode, which uses 15-20W of power. 3Performance Mode, 20–25W power, unleashes maximum performance and effortlessly fulfills varied software and scenario needs.
  • Increased Power ConfigurationThe device is powered by a Ryzen 5 5600U CPU from AMD. It can assist you in many situations, allowing you to play games, stream videos smoothly, and work effectively. It has a maximum clock speed of 4.2GHz, 6 cores, and 12 threads.
  • To prevent application and screen freezes, 16GB of RAM is devoted to every part of your use process.
  • Expandable Flexible ConfigurationA magnetic side cover is located on the side of the machine, which makes it simple to disassemble and replace while avoiding the hassle of screwing.
  • Once the case is opened, two DDR4 memory slots and two M.2 NVME SSD slots can each hold up to 64GB (32GB * 2) and 4TB (2TB * 2) of storage, respectively. The great configuration expansion flexibility can accommodate DIY enthusiasts' needs.
  • '3-screen simultaneous display' in 4K is made possible by the AMR5's Type-C interface on the front and its HDMI and DP interfaces on the back. Together, they enable the device to output up to three 4K60-frame video feeds.
  • There is no need for additional adapters because different interfaces allow you to handle a variety of situations.
  • Unique Appearance: VASBODERMABESNELYAMR5 has a completely unique design idea from conventional mini PCs because of the external design work of expert designers and the inside circuit design of structural engineers.
  • It more closely resembles the posture of high-end micro PCs thanks to its overall clean lines and stunning RGB lighting effects.
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