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Steve Jobs's Signed Check Sells at Auction for Over $100,000

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(Image credit- Business Insider) As evidenced by the recent sale of a new piece of Steve Jobs memorabilia in the form of the company's cheque signed by the co-founder for more than $100,000, fans and collectors are on an entirely different level when searching for a rare item that is authentic and legitimate. Even though the check is just an old piece of paper and not a first-generation iPhone, which sold in large quantities earlier this year, die-hard collectors still place a high value on it. For Apple, one of the most valuable corporations of our time, whose philanthropic CEO is known for his innovative innovations in the computer field, Steve Jobs is and will always be a major figure. A check that was signed by the late Steve Jobs has sold for an incredible amount of over $100,000 at the RR Auction, in a spectacular show of the value placed on Apple memorabilia. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Steve Jobs' Signed Check Sells for Over $100K at an Auction, It is Not Even 1st-Gen iPhone | Tech Times Image credit- Tech Times[/caption] The check's exceptional value comes from its historical significance, as it includes the Palo Alto address of 770 Welch Road, Ste. 154, which served as Jobs and Steve Wozniak's answering service when they first started their illustrious company in Jobs' garage. This early autograph of the Apple co-founder has elevated to the status of a highly prized collector's item. The cheque was payable to "Crampton, Remke & Miller, INC," a well-known Northern California consulting firm, and it was dated July 8, 1976. Apple was still known as the "Apple Computer Company" in those early years. What Makes This Apple Check So Special? The corporation, which is still known as "Apple Computer Company," was founded before the first Macintosh computer, which debuted in 1984, a full eight years later. Additionally, at this time Jobs and Steve Wozniak were still running their business out of a garage. Additionally, according to RR Auction, this check also bears an early, original signature of Steve Jobs that was inscribed on the historic item that sold for $106,985. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Apple co-founder Steve Jobs once signed cheque of Rs 14,000 which is now being auctioned for Rs 24 lakh - India Today Image credit- India Today[/caption] Before an iPhone increases in value by more than 100%, it may take years, and this is only feasible if the owner retained the device in flawless condition, which means that it has not been used at all since being acquired. This incident involving first-generation Apple iPhones, which made headlines earlier this year when they were first sold for $63,000 in sealed or unopened containers, is real. Even though there isn't much to be done with antique iPhones on the market, it nevertheless presents significant mementos for fans and collectors, as they may either preserve it for their collections or remember the good old days when they owned the original iPhone. Also read: Why it’s a good idea for collectors to purchase art online? An owner who was not interested in utilizing an iPhone then made a profit of up to $55,000 for it in March after another sealed first-generation iPhone was auctioned off with less of the first sold earlier this year. Aside from devices, anything associated with Apple and Steve Jobs attracted a lot of buyers who were willing to pay record-breaking sums for items like vintage publications that the former CEO had photographed. This famous check, which dates back to 1976, is currently generating headlines and serves as a reminder of Apple's early years, when Woz and Jobs operated the company out of their garage to launch it into the immensely successful enterprise it is today.  

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